Survivor: Gabon – Episode 17-10 Recap

10 Thoughts on Survivor: Gabon

1. Voting Marcus out? Great choice in hindsight.
The shock on the faces of Charlie and Corrine were probably well worth it. Charlie’s not a bad strategist, but the problem here was that he was perhaps a bit too emotionally invested in Marcus to make the proper decisions right away. And let’s not forget the look of Randy realizing that his ticket to the Final Four was now a bit murkier.

2. One more reward loss for Kenny and Crystal.
Granted, slingshot golf was a lot closer than some of the previous challenges, but golf can be about lucky bounces, and here we saw a shining example of that. Of course, that’s bound to happen when you use what looks like weighted wiffle balls.

3. Randy’s losing it.
Randy is clearly someone that needs to be in control and needs to be on the winning team. But his micromanagement of the final shot was a bit much. And he was wrong about the shot. Doing like he suggested would appear to have a higher chance of muffing the shot than Matty’s “Sling it straight down” strategy.

4. The feast.
Just so we’re clear, we really have no need to see Randy topless again. Ever.

5. Bob’s Fake Idol.
Well, this has apparently become a tradition, fashioning a fake Idol. I have no idea how Bob smuggled his tools along with him, but that was a darn good looking fake Idol. Of course, Bob had no way of knowing that all the former Fang v2 knew that Sugar has the Idol, but I’m definitely on the lookout for something interesting once Bob tries to use it to his advantage.

6. Immunity Challenge.
Apparently tired of embarassing people deadlocked in a tie at Tribal Council, the producers decided to simply embarass everyone by forcing them to make fire in the first Individual Immunity challenge. Even more embarassing? Your top two are Sugar and Susie, both of whom are supposed to be poor at making fire. In the end, Susie gets immunity, and good on her.

7. Working the swing vote.
Knowing that Susie was now siding with the former Fang tribemates, Both alliances worked to get Sugar on their side. Crystal looked to be the main target of the remaining Kota, while the former Fang waffled between Charlie (because he was dangerous) and Randy (because he’s an ass) on who to vote out.

8. Tribal Council.
Once again, we didn’t see anything that we didn’t already know about what was going on. The only question was really, which way should Sugar vote? In the end, we said buh-bye to Charlie.

9. Did they make the right call?
Yes. Despite the fact that they didn’t like Randy, Charlie was probably the best remaining strategist on the former Kota and they needed him gone to reduce the level of plotting and scheming going on in camp. Right now Kenny is doing a masterful job of steering people towards who is most dangerous. And don’t look now, but the guy has a bit on an onion alliance of his own going on.

10. So who goes next?
Common sense says that Randy goes, but as usual, anything can happen in the game. I don’t see Sugar flipping back though if she wants any shot at the million.

That’s all, see you next week!

Kevin Wong writes for Reality Dish, Prime Time Pulse and Inside Fights. He watched that Brock Lesnar/Randy Couture fight and man, did Randy get nailed with that punch.

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