FREE MIXTAPE: Dub MD Presents Hip Hop Renatus

Dub MD presents the brand-new EXCLUSIVE mixtape project, entitled Hip Hop Renatus, with some of the most slept-on and underrated emcees, featuring the likes of Supastition, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Mr. Live, 6th Sense, Sic Osyrus, Fred Knuxx, Karneige, Access Immortal, Donny Goines, Diablo Archer, Emilio Rojas, D.V. Alias Khryst, Wordsmith and many more, doing what they do best over instrumentals by some of the greatest producers in hip-hop, including J Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, ?uestlove, Large Professor, Hi-Tek, The RZA, Erick Sermon, Rockwilder, Marley Marl, Madlib and 9th Wonder, just to list a few.

“Renatus” is Old Latin for “Born Again/Reborn”. This new mixtape features 44 emcees over 34 handpicked beats. Thirty-four tracks of that raw, authentic, no-apologies hip-hop music for the purest; 100% EXCLUSIVE from the emcee to this project, with a classic intro by the genius that is DJ Unexpected. Hip Hop Renatus is available for EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD right here, so pass it around, throw it on your iPod or burn it to CD-R… it’s yours! Thanks to everyone for all the continued support!

01.) “The Genesis” (Intro by DJ Unexpected)
02.) 6th Sense – “Hip Hop Renatus” (Produced by Erick Sermon)
03.) Mr. Live f/Earl Blaize – “The Bitch That You Are” (Produced by Oddisee)
04.) Sic Osyrus & Donny Goines – “Why Lord? (Middle Fingers Up)” (Produced by Khrysis)
05.) Karniege – “The Kush” (Produced by Jake One)
06.) Skyzoo – “Bang This” (Produced by The Alchemist)
07.) Dominique Larue – “Role Play” (Produced by 9th Wonder)
08.) Emilio Rojas – “E to the M-I-L-I-O” (Produced by J Dilla)
09.) Access Immortal – “Stay Strapped” (Produced by DJ Premier)
10.) Melodiq f/Nikal Fieldz – “Bottom of the 9th” (Produced by 4th Disciple)
11.) Diablo Archer f/Myk Dyaleks (of BrokN.English) – “We The New Era” (Produced by Domingo)
12.) Sha Stimuli – “Today We Living” (Produced by Nottz)
13.) Fred Knuxx – “Air ‘Em Out” (Produced by Hi-Tek)
14.) Laelo Hood – “Extra, Extra!” (Produced by DJ Khalil)
15.) Supastition – “Sound of Reform School” (Produced by Black Milk)
16.) Black ELement – “Feel the Hunger” (Produced by DJ Scratch)
17.) “Droppin’ a Message” (Interlude)
18.) Zero Star – “On My Backpack Shit” (Produced by Large Professor)
19.) Little Vic – “Let the Dollar Circulate” (Produced by Ayatollah)
20.) Cymarshall Law – “This Is the End” (Produced by Salaam Remi)
21.) Donnan Linkz – “Buzz Kill” (Produced by Oh No)
22.) Cy Yung aka Cyrano – “OK Corral” (Produced by Madlib)
23.) Tislam the Great – “Once Again” (Produced by ?uestlove)
24.) Faro – “Love Me or Hate Me” (Produced by Scram Jones)
25.) Arsun F!st – “I’m in Here” (Produced by Marco Polo)
26.) Sense-I – “Sense-I’s the Name” (Produced by Nicolay)
27.) Wordsmith f/Kontact & Black Knight – “Signing Day” (Produced by Pete Rock)
28.) Journalist 103 – “Til’ the Trumpets Blow” (Produced by Illmind)
29.) Clap Cognac f/Jedi Knight – “Chosen Ones” (Produced by Havoc)
30.) City Scholar – “The Rebirth” (Produced by Evidence)
31.) Detroit Red – “Hip Hop Redefined” (Produced by Buckwild)
32.) D.V. Alias Khryst f/Retsam Da Prince – “It’s Da Govarmynt” (Produced by Marley Marl)
33.) Nametag – “Champagne Bottle Flow” (Produced By Ski Beatz)
34.) Panama a.k.a. Da Spanish Kid – “Born Ready” (Produced by The RZA)
35.) Hi-Coup feat. Spectacula – “My Father Told Me” (Produced by M-Phazes)
36.) Preach Jacobs feat. N’telligence – “Mic Check” (Produced by Rockwilder)
37.) “The Exodus” (Outro by DJ Unexpected)

© 2008 Dub MD Promotions

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