Miscellaneous News: Details (and Photos) Of Flair and Hogan At Indie Show, Scott Hall Returns, And Big Daddy V: Working Actor?

Pro Wresling Torch has details (and photos) of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair’s appearance at Reid Flair’s debut match. Apparently, Naitch’s reality show was being filmed at the same time.

Also according to the Torch, Scott Hall is set to make his return to the ring at an ICP run JCW show on December 20th, taking on Tracy Smothers. Raven is also on the card.

And because I just can’t pass it up, the Torch alsohas a short interview with Nelson (Big Daddy V.) Frazier, where he talks about his WWE release and his apparently burgeoning acting career. He’s set to appear in National Lampoon’s spoof of 300 and with Nicolas Cage in the adaptation of Kick Ass.

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