Ultimate Marvel Handbook #245

Hello all and Welcome to another Marvel Handbook. I will say we are cooking again. I‘ve got a few emails to cover here today and next week. Hey Daron how are you today partner?

I’m doing pretty good my man. Just finished the second draft of my movie script and only have one class left until break…I’m pretty pumped.

I‘m actually pretty good. If we can keep the emails coming with questions then I think I can get us back on a weekly schedule. With us running like we are right now I can only go bi-weekly. So it‘s up to our readers out there. Let‘s get going.

Eugene emails

I haven’t read the Initiative stuff. Can you give me a rundown on which existing characters are a part of it? Which notable characters have been created for it?

Sure I can do that.

Existing characters involed: Hellcat, Two-Gun Kid. Tigra, Arachne, Guardian, Sasquatch, Talisman, U.S.Agent, Bullseye, Green Goblin, Moonstone, Songbird, Radioactive Man, Venom, Penance, Siege, Jennifer Kale, Aquarian, Conquistador, Thor Girl, Ultra Girl, 3-D Man, Devil Slayer, Frog Man, Gravity, Captain Ultra, Nighthawk, Junata, Atlas, Jocasta, Ares, Black Widow, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Sentry, Wasp, Wonder Man, Spider-Woman, Blue Shield, Falcon, Firebird, Phantom Rider, Red Wolf, Shooting Star, Texas Twister, Armadillo, Living Lightning, Fin, Man-Eater, Earth Lord, Skyhawk, Wind Warrior, Big Bertha, Deadpool (Reserve), Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Squirrel Girl, Tippy Toe,War Machine, Yellowjacket, Stingray, Arana, Constrictor, Gargoyle, Puma, Rocket Racer, Zero-G, Ant-Man, Crusader, Diamondback, Red Nine, Stature, Annex, Prodigy, Batwing, Bengal, Mutant Zero, Justice, Rage, Debrii, Slapstick, Annex, Prodigy, Pepper Potts, Gauntlet, Taskmaster, Batroc, Blazing Skull, Geiger, Whiz Kid, Gorilla Girl, Sunstreak, Dragon Lord, Crimebuster, Stunt-Master, She-Thing, Battlestar, Blue Shield

New characters: Komodo, Supermax, Johnny Cool, Veda, Anthem, Calamity, Aralune, Hybrid, Heavy, Star Sign, Paydirt, Vox, Prima Donna, Think Tank, Challenger, Spinner, Cloud 9, Hardball, Nonstop, Telemetry, Jackpot, Miss America, Iceberg, Hope, 2D, Blue Eagle, , Baron Von Blitzkrieg, Armory, Melee, Proton, Batwing, Butterball, Physique, Trauma, MVP, Scarlet Spiders, Anthem, Calamity, Supernaut, Veda, Aphrodite, Avona, Bannerman, Corona, Maul, Pierce, Mulholland, Debrii, Butterball, Star Sign, Paydirt, Magnitude, Paragon, and Gadget

What do you expect from the Secret Invasion fallout?

Change. I hope. We know the event to follow this up is called Dark Reign. From what we know: There’s a war, and then there’s a cold war. This was an invasion, and from the invasion, certain people take the hit, certain people rise up as the heroes who you wouldn’t expect, and from that comes a new power status in the Marvel Universe that some would consider a dark reign and some would consider heaven. One man’s dark reign is another man’s ‘Finally!'”

What happened in the Spider-man One More Day/Brand New Day thing? I know the marriage is done due to a deal with Mephisto. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the story. What are your thoughts about it all?

ok first what happened that most don‘t like:

Harry back from dead without reason
MJ and Pete never married without reason
No one knows Pete is Spidey for no reason
Aunt May is alive and well and volunteers in a homeless shelter.
Peter has his original mechanical webshooters.

I personally have issues with it. Because I don’t like the fact such characters like Daredevil and others who knew by other ways don’t recall Pete being Spidey.

As for what happened: Aunt May is slowly dying from a gunshot. No one can save her. So Mephisto who offers to save May. The price is his marriage to Mary Jane. Peter and Mary Jane are given until midnight the following night to decide their answer.

Peter and Mary Jane agree to the deal after several hours agonizing over the choice. Mary Jane whispers an offer to Mephisto in return for removing the knowledge of Peter’s identity from the world. Mephisto then changes history so that Peter and Mary Jane never married.

Which Marvel property do you want to see made into a movie?

Many of the ones I want are being made. That list includes:

Captain America
Deadpool (possible)
Silver Surfer
Dr Strange
Nick Fury

So I’m not sure about ones I’d want otherwise

Any idea what Gambit’s been up to since Messiah CompleX? (This one’s for Daron)
Thanks guys

hehe. I’ll let you take this one Daron. If you need help I know the true answer.

The long answer: don’t know…don’t care.

Blake asked

What roster would you pick for the Avengers movie?

Well since we should go with the originals on the first movie the line up should be

Iron Man
Captain America

The sequals that follow this will have the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hawkeye and the others.

Personally, to keep costs down for the both effects and casting I think I’d go with just: Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. The others aren’t really needed nor are they known to the majority of people who’d see the movie. I think with the right script and director you could make a pretty kick ass Avengers movie with just the main four…

do you think that Marvel’s departure from using the incumbent president in its books a good or bad move?

I can tell this question came in when Marvel announced this:

New York City, November 5, 2008—The early results are in and the Daily Bugle is reporting that Stephen Colbert has won the United States Presidency in the Marvel Universe. While many states still have yet to report their numbers, Colbert is already claiming a victory.

Take note that Marvel later put this out:

New York City, November 5, 2008— The Daily Bugle is reporting that, despite winning the popular vote, Stephen Colbert did not win the United States Presidency in the Marvel Universe, with Democratic nominee Barack Obama triumphing.

When questioned by the media regarding the confusion, Marvel Comics EiC Joe Quesada said, “We completely forgot the Marvel Universe reflects what happens in the real world…Ooops, our bad.”

I will say I sort of liked the idea of a different president. It would’ve been interesting to say the least.

Personally I don’t think it matters in the least, as for Jim…I have no idea what sort of answer that was…

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Avengers Initiative #18: Equinox is a Skrull and battles Freedom Force and Kill Krew before Cloud 9 as to take him out. Hammond: Ant-Man spies on the Skrulls. Skrulls reveal truth to all there’s a Skrull on each team. Georgie: Cavalry: Ultra Girl, Stunt-Master, Crimebuster, and Thor Girl see this. 3-d Man has problems spotting the Skrull at first. We find out it was Thor Girl. Ant-Man catches up with the group. The heads of some original Skrull trackers of the Krew are used as they go out to find the Skrulls.

Nova #11: Darkhawk, Quasar and Nove fight the Skrulls. Pagasus wakes the Worldmind who helps out sending Deathheads. A warship attacks only to be taken down by a group of Nova Corps.

Secret Invasion Thor #3: Blake faces the Skrull. Volstagg helps him get the hammer. The Skrull throws Bills hammer making it explode. The Warriors three attack. Thor gives Bill his hammer back. They take out the Skrulls as Asgard falls. Bill and Thor lift it before Bill leaves.

Secret Invasion X-Men #3: Skrulls attack Emma’s mind. She and the Stepfords fight back. The X-Men fight the Skrulls. Emma dies only to come back. Skrulls attack humans. Beast examines the Skrull. Colossus goes to help the humans. Kurt gives Beast the device. Beast brings out the Legacy Virus.

Original Sin Synopsis

Wolverine Origins #29: Sinister and Shaw talk. Wolverine fights the Hellfire Club. The female takes Wolverine out and one of her own members. Xavier sees into Logan’s mind again. Wolverine and Xavier discuss it. Xavier examines the Hellfire club. We see Xavier tell Wolverine in the past to recall he’s an X-Men.

House of M Synopsis

House of M Civil War #3: Magneto gathers mutants in Genosha. Xavier is crippled. Creed gathers the Friends of Humanity. Magneto meets with the Inhumans and Namor. Xavier tells of another in Black Panther. Magneto sends Sabretooth. Trask gathers Bucky, Mimic and Nuke and has them attack. Bucky attacks Xavier.

Manifest Destiny synopsis

X-Men Manifest Destiny #3: Bobby is taking a ride and tells what Mystique did. As a police man catches up we see it is Mystique. She aims a gun at him and he tells her to shoot. Beast examines Graymalkin and finds out about his powers. We learn more on Graymalkin’s past to Anole. Colossus is having issues. Rockslide, Wolverine Nightcrawler and Iceman try to help. Even X-23 is sent to help. Nothing works. Wolverine yells at Colossus only to have Pete tell him to leave him be. A girl ask Colossus to help save her kitty.

That‘s it for this week folks. I‘m going to do my normal request for questions. But first Daron, what do you think? Got any ideas how to get more emails?

Well we could always go out and put guns to people’s heads and make them send in questions…but seeing as how random that might be I don’t think we’ll really like the questions we get…I guess we’ll just have to rely on our peeps to hook us up…

We need more emails and to get those emails I‘m going to throw out a little challenge of sorts. Here‘s what I‘ll give as the challenge: Come up with some good debating questions, old school character questions, obscure character questions. We can take on it all we just need you to do the best and get us some questions.

Was there a challenge somewhere in there?

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine with a twist of lime would ya…that last one was pretty strong.

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