Mick Foley, Darren Aronofsky & Mickey Rourke Talk About The Wrestler

New York Magazine has an interview with Mick Foley about the Wrestler, including his thoughts on the authenticity of the film, the parallels between it and Beyond the Mat and Hell in a Cell. Foley joined pretty much everyone else who’s seen it in putting over Rourke’s performance:

I walked in something of a cynic, figuring there was no way an actor could ever really get a feel for what we do without having done it. But within the first five minutes, I was completely sold.

He also speculated about Vince’s reaction to the film:

I personally don’t think Vince will like it, because Vince really believes in the philosophy of keeping wrestling as entertainment for the fans.

Speeking of Vince watching the film; in an interview with Alfonso Castillo at Newsday’s excellent Steel Cage blog, the film’s director Darren Aronofsky mentions that Vince has been interested in a private screening:

AC: Why did you think to screen for him? Did he ask?

DA: He asked. He had heard about, and he’s asked. We’ve been trying to get a screening out there, but he’s been traveling and we’ve been traveling. I definitely want to meet him. I’m very curious to meet the guy.

Aronofsky also put over ROH:

I liked it. I thought it’s an interesting balance, where, I believe all the audience knows it’s fake, and yet they’re into the sort of athleticism of it.

USA Today has an interview with Rourke about his comeback that doesn’t talk much about the movie itself too much, but is still worth a read.

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