Lance Storm Talks HBK, Former WWE Writer Doesn’t Like Hardy Win & More Bloggy News

In a very interesting read, former WWE creative team member Seth Mates has recently written about Jeff Hardy’s title win on his blog. While he hopes Jeff is the “exception to the rule,” he fears that the cons outweigh the pros of putting the top championship on someone with Jeff’s history. Check it out…

On his Web site, Lance Storm adds 2 and 2 but gets 6 when doing the “math” in the HBK/JBL storyline.

In his latest UK Sun column, Paul Heyman talks with Bobby Lashley about his foray into MMA.

Howard Finkel writes on his blog that Ted DiBiase Sr. will be his first guest on “The Finkel Factor” tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Tommy Dreamer thinks it’s a Christmas miracle that TNA’s Brother Ray lost weight.

Michelle McCool’s in the holiday spirit.

Natalya posted a cool pic with her dad here.

Joey Styles has pix from the Tribute to the Troops trip on his blog.

John Morrison’s latest poem is about the troops. So is Mickie James’.

JBL has also updated his blog. So has Santa Haas.

D-lo Brown is happy he’s back to his pre-Thanksgiving weight.

Finally, Scotty Goldman gives big ups to YOU.

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