How Gabe Sapolsky Was Almost Punched In The Face In ECW

Gabe Sapolsky’s latest Myspace blog features a story about his days in the original ECW, when he was almost assaulted by a wrestler. Sapolsky also talks about his upcoming shoot interview:

We had been talking before that fateful October night about doing another shoot interview type thing. I liked the way that Kayfabe Commentaries put some unique twists on the shoot concept and really innovated it in different, entertaining directions. After my experience the first time I was more than happy to work with them again. Then my life changed when I was immediately terminated from Ring Of Honor right after the October 25th, 2008 event.

I was done with all my booking philosophies, theories and formulas when it came to the Ring Of Honor style. Now it was time to purge them out of my system. I needed closure. The best way for me to do this was to expose them all. They can’t be used after they are revealed. It is final.

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