Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 12/19/2008

It’s the day after Christmas and time to put away all those new toys Santa brought you!Grab a plate of yesterday’s leftovers, plant yourself in a comfy position and follow along with us for the next two hours of Smackdown, Pulse Wrestling style…


Smackdown is being aired from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on MyNetworkTV with Jim Ross and Tazz as our ringside announcers. “The Game” Triple H is introduced and he appears with his trusty sledgehammer. Trips wants to remind everyone you don’t tug on Superman’s cape and you don’t interfere in The Game’s Championship Match. Trips is gunning for none other than Vladimir Kozlov. Last week, he managed to catch The Moscow Mauler during the main event, but I guess he didn’t get enough of him and he calls Vlad out. He gets Chavo Guerrero, as Vickie’s errand boy, to tell HHH he isn’t going to be in the Royal Rumble and he won’t get another shot at the championship. Trips dumps on Chavo’s current status, Vickie and the Guerrero name in general and Chavo heads to the ring but he is saved by Vickie…or not. Vicky sends him to the ring and we have a match!

Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero

It becomes a brawl with weapons as Chavo grabs a chair, tosses it to HHH, falls down, but Trips tosses the chair out of the ring before the referee sees it. Chavo receives a spinebuster and a pedigree and Triple H gets the three count.

Winner: Triple H with a pedigree.

Not a match but a cute Eddie Guerrero attempted trick with the chair. After the match, Trips retrieves his hammer and rolls back into the ring to deliver a shot to Chavo as Vickie looks on and we go to commercial break.

We are back with a video of Kizarny at the carnival. Is this guy ever going to debut on Smackdown? The sign says “It’s Showtime Next Week”!

United States Championship Match: “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin © vs. Hurricane Helms

The ref calls for the bell and Benjamin goes for a waist lock but Helms gets into the ropes. Hurricane delivers an arm drag and Shelton decides to forgo wrestling but Helms doesn’t seem to mind. Benjamin is on the floor and Hurricane comes off the top to deliver a cross body block. Back in the ring, Hurricane goes for a cover, getting two. Helms goes up to the top but the ref makes him get down. And we go to commercial break.

Back from the break, we see that during the commercial Shelton dropped Helms on his back on the guardrail outside the ring and Helms is down on the mat. Benjamin delivers a neck breaker and goes for the cover, getting two. Hurricane delivers a stomp to the gut and gets back into motion, misses a kick, delivers a roll up but Shelton kicks out, another roll up and another kick out. Helms delivers a neck breaker, covers and gets two and then two more near falls. Benjamin misses a leap off the ropes, Helms delivers a shining wizard, covers and gets two. This is a great match. Shelton delivers a boot to the face, hits the paydirt and gets the three.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin with paydirt

I like Benjamin but Helms is one of my favorite WWE workers. He came back looking great and he keeps getting better. This match has my vote as excellent and one you should not miss.

We see a video of Jeff Hardy winning the WWE Championship at Armageddon and we go to commercial break.

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”The” Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson vs. (and backstage we see the Bella Twins hooking up with Carlito and Primo) Carlito with Primo and The Bella Twins

The bell rings and we have a match that begins with a beat down by both wrestlers. Brian goes for a quick roll up and gets a one. Carlito springboards off the second rope and drops Kendrick who rolls out but Primo gets involved and gets nailed by Zeke. Carlito gets distracted and catches a boot to the head, but he nails Kendrick with a backstabber and gets the three.

Winner: Carlito with the backstabber

I’m going to complain that this match would have been better without all of the outside distraction. Because of the outside distractions, I won’t complain about this being such a short match.

We see a video of the WWE Tribute to the Troops that aired last week and we go to commercial break.

This week wrestling fans are saying goodbye to Rollin Hard. Rollin passed away today at home after a long battle with cancer. To post condolences and for further information, please visit Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South. Rest in peace, Rollin. You will be missed.

“The Rated R Superstar” Edge and Vickie are backstage but Big Show enters to let Edge know he watched over Vickie while Edge was gone and Edge says he hopes Show takes care of Jeff Hardy. Michelle McCool and Maria are backstage and McCool wants to make sure they don’t have any problems. Maria will be the ref during the Diva’s Championship Match. McCool tells her not to mess it up and we go to commercial break.

Diva’s Championship Match with Maria as Special Referee: Maryse vs. Michelle McCool ©

Don’t forget, as JR reminds us, we are in Canada tonight. Hint, hint? Maria can count to one and I am impressed! McCool delivers a boot to the face and gets two which shows us Maria can count to two. Maryse misses an elbow drop, comes off the ropes and catches a dropkick. Michelle covers and gets two. McCool argues with Maria, Maryse delivers a kick to the back of the head, covers and gets three.

Winner and New Diva’s Champion: Maryse

If you read my reports, you know I am never thrilled with a “diva’s match”. This one is no different. After the match, Maria helps McCool to her feet and explains what happened. McCool decides to take out her frustrations on Maria. The beat down of Maria is going to last longer than the actual match. I hate to mention this, but if this was two of the male workers, there would have been someone out to break it up already and finally we go to commercial break.

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We see a video of Umaga telling us that he will be returning to Smackdown.

M.V.P. vs. The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh

Porter just can’t catch a break on matches these days. The bell rings and MVP comes out of the corner and rolls out. The ref starts the count out and Montel rolls back in at the count of seven. He goes after Khali but his plan doesn’t work and MVP gets a clothesline. The Punjabi Playboy misses a boot in the corner but nails Porter with a direct hit to the head. MVP catches Khali with the drive by but again catches a clothesline. Khali delivers the Punjabi Plunge, covers Porter with his foot and gets the win.

Winner: Khali with the Punjabi Plunge

I hope MVP gets off the Smackdown bad list soon. I like to watch MVP in the ring but the matches only get worse and after the match, Mr. KENNEDY (Kennedy) appears once again. Kennedy wants to pimp his movie and himself and makes fun of MVP in the process and we go to commercial break.

We see another video of Kizarny at the carnival, getting his fingers caught in a spring trap, setting a fire with his tongue, and It’s Showtime Next Week!

Jimmy Wang Yang vs. “The Moscow Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov

Should I call for a short match now or should I wait until Kozlov beats Yang senseless? Jimmy goes to work with his feet but gets nailed as he comes off the top. Vlad delivers a slam, covers and gets three.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

The Moscow Mauler takes the mic to tell everyone he will be winning the Royal Rumble match. Show and Edge are backstage and we go to commercial break.

Courtesy of my pal Vince De Jager, I found Power Zone Wrestling, a great Indy promotion based in Canada. They don’t just brag about their talent, the website provides online matches so that you can see it for yourself! Vince happens to be the Head Referee. Hardcore addicts: Make sure you click on Exclusive Web Content for the Unsanctioned Tag Team Texas Tornado Death Match!

Raw Smackdown of the week: The competition for the Fatal Four Way Match next week, including the interference by Michaels that gave JBL a win by DQ…Michaels, Orton, JBL and Jericho are in the Fatal Four Way next week on Raw.

The Big Show and we go to commercial break.

vs. Jeff Hardy, WWE Champion

Edge and Vickie are backstage but Edge says it isn’t fair if Show gets to face Hardy for the title but Vickie says she has it handled and I translate that as boring. The bell rings and Jeff does his best not to lock up with Show. He goes for the leg but gets caught and ends up in the corner. Jeff ends up on the floor and we go to commercial break.

Back to the ring, Show has a vice grip on Jeff’s shoulder before stepping on him. If Show wins this match, he will face Edge next week to see who will face Hardy for the title. Jeff comes back for a minute, but Show catches him again and covers for two. Show again goes to work on the shoulder, goes for the cover and gets two. Show misses an elbow drop when Jeff rolls out of the way. Hardy catches Show twice with Whisper in the Wind, goes to the top, comes off with the Swanton Bomb, covers and gets two. Jeff ends up on the floor. Back in the ring, Jeff delivers a DDT, sends Show to the floor and goes out after him. Both men are down on the floor and the ref is counting. Jeff makes it back in, Show gets counted out. And there was no run in during the main event! Amazing!

Winner: Jeff Hardy via countout

Jeff made a nice comeback and it wasn’t as bad a match as I thought it was going to be. Matt appears to celebrate the win with his brother. Jeff is nursing the shoulder Show worked over.

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