Jerry Jarrett And Goldilocks Talk About TNA

TNA Founder Jerry Jarrett talked to Slam! Wrestling about what he’s been up to since leaving TNA, why he left, and what he thinks of the company today, among other things. Apparently, he’s as fond of the promotion as you average IWC member…

MJ: When you look at TNA right now, do you take pride in what “your baby” has grown into, or are you frustrated the direction of the company and missed opportunities?

JJ: This question is kind of like asking a parent if they still love their child in spite of it being so ugly.

PWI’s Brian Thomas has highlights of former TNA backstage interviewer/manager Goldilocks’ interview with the Daily Suplex. She talks about everything from how she got the job to who she enjoyed working with (which included AJ Styles and the Road Warriros). You can listent to the interview here.

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