WB Sues CBS Over Two and a Half Men!

Someone is making money off of CBS’ top TV comedy Two and a Half Men but it’s not Warner Bros. TV according to a $49 million suit they filed against the network lare Tuesday.

CBS originally agreed to pay a $750,000 per episode license fee during the show’s first four seasons. Thing is, it costs an average of $1.22 million to produce each episode, meaning over the past four years the studio has racked up deficits worth $61.1 million. For seasons five and six (which the show is currently in the middle of), CBS has only paid out a “modest increase” according to the studio.

Warner Bros. suit claims that the in the original agreement between them and the network, CBS agree to cover the first four years worth of deficits if the show ranked among the Top 10 TV series and would pay an additional $650,000 per episode (on top of the $750,000 it already paid) for season fives and six if it ranked in the Top 5 shows during its fourth season.

Source: Zap2It