Chikarticles: Not So Hallow II

Big news, point standings and another edition of Chikarticles Wrestler of the Week featuring Hallowicked.

Chikara News

Chikara Season 8 is Confirmed
A Special Update on Chikara’s Podcast iTunes feed confirmed Chikara’s return for the 2009 Season. In Chikara’s 8th Season, you can expect: Torneo Cibernetico, Young Lions Cup, Aniversario, Global Gauntlet, La Loteria Letal and Tag World Grand Prix! There has been no official word on if there will be a King of Trios. Honestly, I’m just glad they’re back for another season.

Ultimo Breakfast= GONE
In 2008, Create-a-Wrestler’s fate was decided by the fans. After deliberating different gimmicks for a few weeks, Chikara officials picked ULTIMO BREAKFAST. Ultimo Breakfast was definitely CAW’s most popular gimmick so far. Unfortunatley, the 2008 Chikara Season came to an end in December along with Ultimo Breakfast’s career. Ultimo Breakfast, as far as I know, will not be returning for the 2009 Chikara Season. We can always look forward to CAW’s next gimmick, whatever it may be.

Make a Mask Contest
From Even though “Revelation X” is a little while off, we’ve decided to kickstart the CHIKARA goodness earlier than usual by rolling out our new “Mask Contest!” Now you, the CHIKARA fans, will get the chance to design the look of one of our classic characters – by redesigning the mask of a member of our roster! The best part is, you can enter as many times as you want! For example, maybe you come up with a creepy, black and green design for a new Hallowicked mask. Then, the next day, you decide to rearrange it all and reverse the colors. You can send us both ideas! There’s no limit to how many re-designs you can send, and the guidelines are simple.

You have one month – from December 27th through January 27th – to make a .jpg (of 200 dpi resolution) and e-mail it to You must mail it to that address to be considered, and the file MUST be a .jpg. No .zip or .rar files, either. Then, we’ll pick our favorite to be made into a new mask – and the winner will get that wrestler’s old mask in exchange! How else are you going to get your hands on a real, ring-worn CHIKARA mask? A one of a kind collectible to proudly hang in your cubicle or otherwise force your girlfriend to wear? This is your ticket, Jack.

Young Lions Cup to be defended in a Ladder Match!
As I mentioned two weeks ago, Leonard F. Chikarason vacated the Young Lions Cup due to the shenanigans going on between Olsen and Gerard. After a couple weeks of talking with the Chikara Committee, made an announcement which shook the foundation of the internet and Chikara: At Revelation X, the fate of the Young Lions Cup will be decided in Chikara’s first ever ladder match between Jimmy Olsen and Vin Gerard!

January 25th, February 20 and February 21 Tickets Now on Sale
Tickets for Chikara’s first three shows of the year are on sale now. It would make sense that the Campeones de Parejas, The Osirian Portal, will defend their titles against The Colony in one of the February Shows considering the Ladder Match will be Main-Eventing Revelation X.

Chikara Point Totals

Seven Points
The Colony (Soldier Ant and Fire Ant)

Three Points
Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm/STIGMA

Two Points
Team F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Gran Akuma)
The Sea Donsters (Tim Donst and Hydra)

One Point
Team FIST (Icarus and Chuck Taylor)
Los Ice Creams (El Hijo de Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr.)
Lince Dorado and Helios
Cheech and Cloudy
Mitch Ryder and Buck Hawke
Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw

vs. Brodie Lee at Cibernetico Begins (11.15.2008)
Both men are relatively big and can fight fast and hit harder. Brodie Lee and Hallowicked both went for their finishers in the opening seconds of the match, but both attempts were reversed. After exchanging chops, punches and european uppercuts, Brodie Lee managed to get the upperhand for a couple of minutes. Hallowicked made a brief comeback, but it was cut short after he was sent flying through the emergency exit door of the arena! After this it was pure domination by Brodie Lee who was bending the rules to their highest resistance. Out of desperation, ‘Wicked went for a Step-Up Frankensteiner only to have it reversed into a belly-to-back suplex. Refusing to give up, ‘Wicked made yet another comeback, this time landing the Step-Up Frankenstiener and the Rydeen Bomb. After getting only a two-count, he nailed the Go 2 Sleepy Hallow and again went for the Yakuza Kick. Lee side-stepped it and nailed Hallowicked with two brutal Big Boots for the win.

Hallowicked still looks like a champ when he loses. You can always see he puts it nothing less than 100% of his effort into each and every match, and that’s something you can’t say often now-a-days. Brodie Lee was obviously the bigger man and favored to win the match, but Hallowicked didn’t let those thoughts affect him. In this fight, he gave 150%. (Match Rating: *** 1/2)

vs. Eddie Kingston in a Falls Count Anywhere at Chapter 11 (11.18.07)
If you don’t know what led up to this Falls Count Anywhere match, one, shame on you. Two, I’ll fill you win. Eddie Kingston was pissed off how everyone said Hallowicked was the best student to come out of the Chikara Wrestle Factory. Hallowicked never claimed to be the best, but with a track record like his it’s hard to deny it. Kingston took this the wrong way and interpreted it as everyone turning on him. He took it as a challenge and proceeded to beat the tar out of guys like Ricochet and Tim Donst who had nothing to do with the situation. After a disqualified bout and a match that went to a no-contest, Chikarason caved in and granted Eddie Kingston’s wish of a third and final bout against Hallowicked. Except there will be no disqualifications as it was made a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

The pre-match staredown gave an epic match feel. A Season in a making, the feud boiled down to a anything goes, Falls Count Anywhere Match that did anything but disappoint. Kingston and ‘Wicked clobber each other back and forth to pen the match, with neither man backing down. It evolved from a typical “strong-style” match formula to an “all out brawl” formula after it spilled to the outside. Hallowicked lifted Kingston up for a suplex on the wooden ramp which resulted in a sickening thud heard around the arena. I was there live— it made ME cringe and hold on to my back. Back in the ring, Kingston knocked ‘Wicked silly with a bunch of stiff strikes. In my favorite spot of the match, ‘Wicked cut Kingston’s tope short with a kick to the brain. Kingston, draped over the second rope then received a tumbling heel kick, sending both men to the floor. Realizing that wasn’t enough to put King away, ‘Wicked gave Kingston a Michinoku Driver on the concrete floor! King kicked out at two, battled back and Yakuza Kicked Hallowicked right through the guardrails. The brawl once again ended up in the ring. Hallowicked pulled out all the stops here after a second-rope Fisherman Brainbuster, Step-Up Frankensteiner and a Go 2 Sleepy Hallow. Somehow, Kingston kicked out and answered with a Back Drop Driver with Hallowicked kicking out at two. One Backfist to the Future later, Eddie Kingston’s hand was raised in victory.

Once again, Hallowicked give 150% in a losing effort. Sometimes, you win in losing (stolen from Vin Gerard). Every single time Hallowicked loses a big-time match he leaves the ring to a thunderous ovation. This match was his best singles match to date, and it may stay that way for the rest of his career. He pulled out all the stops, took a serious beating and looked great doing it. Hallowicked is a one of a kind singles wrestler.

with Delirious vs. Team F.I.S.T. (c) for the Campeonatos de Parejas at Bruised (10.26.2007)
Fall One: Icarus rolls Hallowicked up while grabbing the ropes for the three count. First fall goes to F.I.S.T.

Fall Two: This fall goes on for a bit longer than the first, which had to be a record. A lot of offense from F.I.S.T. here, beating down both Delirious and Hallowicked. Delirious battled back and managed to pull off Chemical Imbalance on Chuck Taylor for the win.

Fall Three: Both teams deliberate their game plan before they kick things off. Lots of back and forth action with lots of false finishes. Icarus kicked out of Shadows Over Heck. Akuma tried to hit Hallowicked with his crutch, but ‘Wicked side-stepped it and Akuma nailed Icarus instead. ‘Wicked went for the rollup but Icarus still manged to kick out. Hallowicked bounced off the ropes twice to give his Yakuza Kick that extra “umph”, and it worked in his favor giving Incoherence the third fall AND the Campeonatos de Parejas.

This was above and beyond all of Incoherence’s other matches in 2007. It’s obvious Hallowicked is known for his tag team work, and this match just shows you why. Incoherence is the perfect tag team. They know each other’s movesets, know the ring very well and take advantage of the Lucha Tag Rule. They don’t tag in and out very often, giving each team member more of a chance to work their opponent down for an easier win. When the time is right both men have the ability to finish their opponent off with their finisher for the three count. You can expect to see a lot more of Hallowicked in 2009, as I see Incoherence becoming one of the top teams in indy wrestling.


That’s right folks, this is the end. Have a happy new year and drive safe!

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