WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 03/01/09

Welcome to the first DotCom Delivery of 2009. I was away last week for a quick vacation in Barcelona and I’m back with renewed forces. I also treated myself to an XBOX 360 last week, and man, does this machine rocks! So far I’ve only been playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Smackdown vs. Raw, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. But enough about me, here’s what the DotCom has for us in the New Year.

The last word of 2008 on Word Up was VALID – something true, stylish or otherwise positive, or something waaaay tight. They flash to the future and show John Morrison letting himself go and gaining weight, Manu having some tax ideas and Santino Marella wearing some lingerie he got Victoria’s Secret. Not sexy.

Santino’s Casa is the ultimate cure for the holiday hangover. Santino gives us his views of people’s New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight or being debt free and shares his resolutions. The first is to get his body into an even better shape than it is in now. The second is to reclaim his manhood from the hands of the Glamazon.

The Dirt Sheet starts with The Miz suffering some post holiday blues, because 2008 was so awesome and he and Morrison accomplished all of their goals, there’s nothing left for them in 2009. Luckily, Morrison is there to cheer him up with a fart. They then move on to a recap of the live Dirt Sheet from this week’s ECE and promise to make 2009 even better than 2008, they’re going after every title has to offer and together with Chuck Norris they will restore our faith in humanity! I BELIEVE IN MIZ AND MORRISON!

And finally, it’s the weekly Top Five with Josh Mathews. The 10 man tag match from Raw is number 5, followed by Undertaker’s attack on Shelton Benjamin from Smackdown. Number 3 always belongs to ECW and this week it’s the tag match pitting Miz and Morrison against Finlay and the Boogeyman. Smackdown’s main event of The Hardies vs. Edge and Big Show is in second place and in first place this week we get the ending of the fatal four way elimination match from Raw.

And that was the Delivery, stay safe.

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