News On Brock Lesnar, Stevie Richards, Kanyon, And Kurrgan

News on former WWE Superstars includes an OVW appearance for the UFC Champ. Also, Kurrgan punching Robert Downey Jr.

Brock Lesnar returns to OVW for a signing tomorrow. More details can be found at OVW’s website.

Mike Johnson at PWI is reporting that Stevie Richards is out of the hospital and “feeling better than he has in some time” after having a lung infection drained.

Kanyon has announced, via his Myspace blog, that he came out of retirement on his 39th birthday and is taking bookings again within 250 miles of New York City.

Finally, former WWF star Robert “Kurrgan” Maillet talked to the Times and Transcript of New Brunswick about accidentally punching Robert Downey Jr. during a fight scene on the set of the new Sherlock Holmes film (he says that he didn’t knock Downey out, as other reports have claimed).

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