Smackdown WrestleMania Booking Plans Revealed

WWE has big plans in store for Jeff Hardy’s title reign – potential spoilers ahead! The current direction is that Edge will regain the title in a screwjob at the Royal Rumble, most likely involving the return of Christian. It will then be revealed that Christian was the one who attacked Jeff before the Survivor Series. Jeff would then go on to win a title shot against Edge at WrestleMania, most likely in an Elimination Chamber at No Way Out, only to give up that match in order to gain revenge on Christian in a major grudge match. This would result in Edge defending the title against Triple H, with the current plan being for the Hs to win back the title then. There has been no official word about Christian having re-signed with WWE but the general impression TNA was left with was that he was going to return there sometime soon. This entire scenario is dependent upon him getting over huge in his role as Jeff’s nemesis, which indicates WWE has a lot of faith in his ability to get over. However, there are already a number of people on the Smackdown side who recognise just how over Jeff Hardy is at present, how well his merchandise sells and how good the crowds are, which has led to complaints about taking the title off of him so soon. That this scenario results in Triple H getting the title back does of course raise another issue that can be detrimental to morale. As always, remember, these booking plans are subject to change.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 05 January 2009 (subscribe here)

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