A representative for Soulja Boy recently confirmed that the “rapper” was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint last week at his Atlanta-area home. This follows the discovery of a controversial video that was posted online last Wednesday in which two masked men confess how they allegedly followed Soulja Boy and a group of friends home from a release party for his terrible new album, iSouljaBoyTellEm, and later made their way into the house and robbed the group.

In the video, one of the men (who sounds suspiciously similar to DMX… where was he last week?) explains how even though reports claimed that the rapper and a group of friends had been robbed by six or seven men, that it had been just the two of them, and that they only had one gun between the two of them (contradicting reports that there were AK-47s involved). The man adds that they’d been watching Soulja Boy’s home since he moved there last year, and they go on to gloat about how Soulja Boy and his crew had no idea that they were being followed the night of the incident. He later claims that one of Soulja Boy’s friends had actually opened the door for them, as opposed to it being a break-in (as was claimed on a now-deleted entry on the rapper’s Twitter page), and that they were “sittin’ there playin’ Xbox,” when the thugs made their way into the house.

Soulja Boy’s rep said that no one was hurt in the incident, confirming that an undisclosed amount of money and valuables was taken from the home. But it’s still unclear whether or not this is a genuine tape, as Soulja Boy’s camp isn’t confirming or denying anything to reporters, but it’s interesting to note that there still hasn’t been any YouTube video response posted by Soulja Boy yet, like with the short-lived Ice-T “eat a dick” feud. It’s just a damn shame that Gucci Mane and Mr. Collipark weren’t there to help a brotha out, as Soulja Boy has lost any modicum of street cred, that they may have donated towards his cause, by way of this incident.

I think this goes to show that no one is immortal, Soulja Boy. You could have been killed in that robbery, had something gone wrong. It’s become painfully obvious that this line of work is much too dangerous for you, and that you’re just not cut out for it. You’ve only released two albums, but that’s two albums more than a lot of us have released. You’ve made your point: anyone can make it in the rap game if they know the right people. Now it’s high time that you packed up your little charade and your lucky stars and moved on to a new line of work, perhaps something that doesn’t involve music or proper elocution.