WWE Superstars Press Release And Information

More information about the new, hour long WWE show on WGN.

A joint press release from WWE and WGN announces a month and time slot for the new version of WWE Superstars. It will start in April and air on Thursday Nights at 8 and 11 PM Eastern, which bookends Impact. There will also be a mid afternoon rebroadcast on Saturdays, but no time has been announced.

The press release is light on details, but does say that the show will be first run, original programming, and will feature talent from all three brands.

A piece by Michael Malone at Broadcasting and Cable talks about WGN’s expectations for the show (i.e., that it will draw ratings) and reiterates WGN’s enthusiasm about the show:

“It’s one of those franchises that, when you have the opportunity to do something with it, you do it,” Wilson says.

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