Gossip Girl – Episode 2-14 Review

Gossip Girl returned this week with the answers we’ve all been waiting for…and some more questions that are sure to drag on and frustrate us viewers even more as the season goes on.

Yes, Lily and Rufus had a child and without Lily’s help, Rufus spends the whole Christmas season in Boston looking for him (yes, we find out it’s a son).

Dan has been semi-stalking Serena via her uploaded pictures from Bueno Aires with Aaron. Luckily, as soon as she returns, she tells Dan she broke it off with Aaron. And while I normally find the Dan and Serena thing boring, it was nice to see them get back together for now. I just couldn’t take that condescending mophead anymore.

Jenny spends the entire episode with Eric trying to deal with Penelope and those other strangely dressed minions of Blair’s. It wasn’t the most exciting to watch, but it was nice to see her back at school and to her old self. Her hair, on the other hand, drove me crazy. For a majority of the episode it was awful with her dark roots growing in and then magically by the end of the episode she had a touch-up!  Voila!

Chuck disappeared right after his father’s funeral. Blair enlists his uncle Jack to find him and he ends up bringing him home from Thailand, as Chuck stumbles out of the limo a complete mess. He’s especially mean to Blair and taunts her about saying “I love you” to him. It’s hard to watch, but Ed Westwick did an amazing job.

After realizing Chuck doesn’t seem to want her help, she concentrates on her pending admittance into a socialite’s elite club. But during her interview with the argyle sweater-wearing ladies of the “Colony Club,” Blair storms out to go after Chuck anyway. She finds him on the roof of his club, drinking himself into a stooper very close to the ledge. I was convinced he was going to jump, but after Blair pleads to him, he comes down. It’s a very sweet moment between these two as Chuck says he’s sorry and embraces her.

Dan finds out from Chuck that he wasn’t the first-born Humphrey and Dan wants answers. He is about to tell Serena, but Rufus tells him that it’s Lily’s job to tell her. This is definitely going to cause some problems. As Chuck says, sharing a sibling with your girlfriend is a little much, even for him. By the end of the episode, Lily agrees to help Rufus find their son.

The biggest shocker of the night came when Blair says, “He can’t find out what happened on New Year’s Eve, ” to Jack, referring to Chuck. Uh oh. Of course, most of us would assume that something happened between these two, but I think that may be a bit of a red herring. I mean, I would be very surprised if Blair slept with the uncle of the guy she loves. Even for her, that’s a little crazy. But, we shall see!