WWE Champion Not At House Show, Vince On Adolescent Audience

James Caldwell at the Torch reports that Jeff Hardy wasn’t at last night’s Smackdown house show in Alexandria, Louisiana. Local paper the Town Talk has further details on the show, including the fact that Hardy’s absence was announced, and that a Big Show/Undertaker Steel Cage match was announced as a surprise main event.

Caldwell also links to some interesting comments from Vince McMahon on the WWE’s adolescent audience (which was in full force at that house show), from his 2007 Congressional Testimony:

“I would suggest to you that adolescents are pretty smart, even though that is a very small segment of the viewing audience that we have. But nonetheless, I think that they’re pretty smart. They know that what we do is a performance. So they know that everything we have are characters. They are not real-life individuals. So I would suggest that no one believes any of these human beings are role models any more so than Batman.”

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