90210 – Episode 1-12 Review


I have been away for 6 weeks because there haven’t been any new episodes so let me tell you what I’ve been doing. First of all, my computer had broken the first 3 weeks and I was left without a computer at home and nearly went nuts. Then after watching the unsatisfying Dancing with the Stars  finale (I wanted Lance to win) I ended up throwing up (too much info there) then I got sucked back into the dark world of fan fiction (this time it’s Carmen Sandiego related). So nothing special happened for me at Christmas so anyway onto the review:

When we last left off 6 weeks ago Sean was on the phone with someone turns out it’s the PI that found him. Something said about a will and money which makes Annie totally suspicious. In fact in class she learns about intuition (I know how to use intuition myself when it comes to reading fan fiction). Sean comes clean and tells Harry that his adoptive father was a compulsive gambler that couldn’t pay off his debt and ended up committing suicide (reminds me of how Valerie Malone came to 90210 in the first place. Oh wait it later turned out that her father never killed himself). More on this later.

Adriana can’t stop talking about this guy Hank (must have been before Navid who wasn’t in tonight’s episode BTW. Oh and you know what I found out this cast has some old teens after all and the dude that plays him is like 28). She wants Brenda to come with her for um sponsor day but she declines so Kelly goes with her and well surprise Brenda shows up anyway. She wanted to introduce them to Hank but she gets a message that he’s HIV positive and that he relapsed. Brenda urges her to get tested. The good news is it came out negative the bad news is she’s pregnant. Wow you know they actually waited until season 4 to get one of the gang pregnant , but this is like the 12th episode. The situation makes Brenda uncomfortable and she leaves the clinic leaving Kelly to console Adriana. The reason why Brenda left was because she had some kind of surgery recently that would prevent her from having kids. Which reminds me back in season 7 of the original 90210, didn’t Kelly say she had a condition that would prevent her from having kids and yet there’s Sammy? Must have been a medical miracle.

So Dixon is also still seeing Christina (remember her? the cheerleader that wooed him one episode ago?). She’s invited him to her place for some kind of barbecue or something and he’s surprised with uh it’s complicated too explain but to our surprise Christina was never into Dixon in the first place, because she likes chicks. (Oh thank goodness I was afraid that they were gonna break up Dixon and Silver if that was the case. I never would have forgiven the writers). So near the end of the party Dixon is put on the spot to sing “Amazing Grace”. Whoa he’s not bad.

Well Sean’s losses catch up to him and he got the crap beat out of him. Annie’s suspicions get the best of Harry and he agrees to a paternity test which Sean also agrees to but the next day Sean flees and Tracy reveals that she helped him with his problems. Naomi is furious about this and goes on another “Blame Annie” attack. Ok seriously why are you blaming her stupid? Even if the Wilson’s didn’t move to BH you’re parents still would have gotten divorced. I had just dealt with someone that’s just about as bad on the elevator on my way up here.

Well I think that’s all now there’s one more thing I have to do you know what it is the MINI BIO!

Samantha Lynn Tschetter loves writing as a hobby and will be attending college in the fall check out her fan fic site at WtHiCS.piczo.com