Pegg and Frost join Tintin

The dynamic duo of Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz fame have signed on to play the Thompson Twins in Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s two-pic Tintin project.

The 3-D performance-capture films, based on Georges Remi’s comic books, which are being co-financed by Song Pictures Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, will center on Tintin’s globe trotting adventures as a fearless reporter. In the books, the Thompson Twins are a pair of incompetent, clumsy detectives who can only be told apart by the shape of their mustaches. Thompson, with a “p,” has a flat mustache, while Thomson, without the distinguishing letter, has a flared out version.

The casting was confirmed by Dawn Sedwick, Pegg’s agent in London, who was unable to confirm if the Twins would appear in both pics.

As previously reported, Andy Serkis will play Tintin’s sidekick Captain Haddock. The titular hero has yet to be cast. Thomas Sangster had been set for the role, but left the project when ti was delayed due to funding difficulties caused by the DreamWorks/Paramount split.

But whoever plays the reporter, with the names they’ve already lined up on this project, in front of and behind the camera these are sure to be two fantastic films.

Source: Variety

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