Tron Sequel Finally Snags Lead

Disney has chosen up-and-comer Garrett Hedlund to star in their sequel to the 1982 cult hit Tron being directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Hedlund had his debut in 2004’s Troy and has acted in large ensemble pieces since then. His other films include Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers, Eragon and Georgia Rule. He has long been considered on the very of breaking big and starring in this $150 million film could be the launching point he’s been looking for.

Other people interested in the role included Ryan Gosling and Chris Pine as well as Cloverfield’s Michael Stahl-David.

Hedlund will play the lead, a man who finds himself pulled into the computer world of Tron, retracing the steps of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges, who will be reprising the role) from the original film.


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