Countdown To 24: Season 7 – Murtz's Marathon – Day 2 (Hour 37)

Murtz Jaffer is no Jack Bauer, but he has agreed to take on the challenge of the 24/7 Ultimate Fan Marathon. He and eight other 24 fans are watching every episode of the Kiefer Sutherland show back to back in advance of season premiere of 24 on Global on Sunday night. Up for grabs? Possibly a title in the Guinness World Records. A cash prize of $24,000. And, of course, pride.

Day 2: Hour 37

Since the last time we talked, three contestants have left the competition leaving six in the running for the Guinness World record, which will be set at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Friday.  At this point, I think strategy comes into play. There are more contestants left than I initially thought there would be at this point. I am amazed at how motivated the other players are. It’s funny because I thought the night shifts would be easier considering there wouldn’t be as many mall patrons gawking at us, but when the mall environment is quiet, it makes it even harder to stay awake. My current plan is to call it quits today at 3 p.m.  That would make it an even 48 hours. I am getting the sense that some of these guys are in it to win it and will go even past the record. I am trying to just take it an hour at a time. Actually, make that a minute at a time. Representin’ The Ampersand baby!

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