Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 01/09/2009

It’s Friday night and time to follow along with us for two full hours of Smackdown action. Kick off your shoes, grab a cold one and stay tuned to see how Triple H fares in his Triple Jeopardy matches…


JR informs us Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend were involved in an accident and that Jeff is okay. Ross also says that we will see footage of the aftermath of the accident.

Smackdown is being brought to us on MyNetworkTV and our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz with Justin Roberts as our ring announcer.

Tables Match: “The Game” Triple H vs. John Morrison, one half of the World Tag Team Champions

JR reminds us how Trips managed to get himself into the mess of three matches tonight after insulting Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero last week. The referee calls for the bell and Morrison immediately goes after HHH, but catches a high knee as he comes off the ropes. Trips sends John to the floor and goes out to slam his head into the steel post. The Game sets up a table and climbs up the steps, pulling Morrison up with him. John counters and sends HHH face first onto the steps. John slides a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Both men nearly run into the table but Morrison springboards off the ropes and nails Trips. The Game catches John with a spine buster and goes out after a second table to set up in the ring. HHH sets Morrison on the top but John fights back, Trips sends John off the top onto the table set up on the floor.

Winner: Triple H

This was a nice opening match. After the match, Miz shows up to distract The Game so that Chavo Guerrero can sneak in and send Trips through the table in the corner and we go to commercial break.

Triple H is heading to the back and Vickie stops him to tell him he doesn’t look so good and reminds him about his two upcoming matches.

”The Gold Standard” Benjamin, WWE US Champion vs. The Undertaker

The bell rings and Shelton plays keep away and then catches Taker with some fists in the corner. Benjamin gets caught and tossed into the corner where Undertaker unloads on him with a few fists. The Dead Man goes after Shelton’s left arm and keeps Benjamin in the corner. Taker goes up for some old school and takes Shelton down to the mat, then clotheslines him over the top rope when he gets back to his feet and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Benjamin is down on the mat with the Dead Man still working on his arm. Ross tells us that during the commercial break, Taker used the ring post to do further damage to the shoulder, Undertaker hits the snake eyes, but misses the kick and Shelton takes Taker down injuring his left knee and using Taker’s maneuver, uses the post to work on Undertaker’s injured knee. The Dead Man comes back, slamming Benjamin’s head into the turnbuckle, goes for the choke slam but again Shelton goes for the knee, taking Taker down to the canvas. Undertaker uses his good leg to send Benjamin to the floor and then goes out to slam him into the security wall surrounding the audience, then delivering a leg drop on the apron. The Dead Man goes for the cover and gets two. Shelton catches Taker’s knee again and goes after him with right hands. Benjamin counters the Last Ride, delivers a DDT and goes for the cover, getting two. Shelton delivers a squash in the corner and goes for a second, but gets caught in a choke slam, Taker covers and gets two. The Dead Man goes for a second choke slam, but Benjamin nails him in the knee. Taker catches Shelton as he goes up on the turnbuckle, delivers the Tombstone pile driver, covers and gets three.

Winner: The Undertaker with a Tombstone pile driver

The match went at a quicker pace than I thought it would with Benjamin showing how good he really is in the ring. We go to commercial break.

I had the honor of filling in for Paul Marshall last Monday night with Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Raw Report!

Ross again informs us that Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend were in a hit and run car accident last night and we see footage of the car. JR tells everyone that Jeff will be able to defend his title at the Royal Rumble but the footage shows Hardy holding his left arm. Jeff tells the officer that it was a large dark car that caused the problem. Earlier today Tazz talked to “The Rated R Superstar” Edge and asks about the accident. Edge says he doesn’t know anything about the accident and that a dark cloud is following Jeff right now. The Bella Twins are backstage, heading to the ring and we go to commercial break.

Michelle McCool and Victoria vs. The Bella Twins

McCool continues her heel turn by partnering up with Victoria. Whichever Bella she is facing, gets sent to the mat and McCool shows off for the fans before tagging in Victoria. Victoria misses a moonsault, hits the mat, the Bella covers and gets three.

Winners: The Bella Twins

I was not overly impressed with the match. After the match, McCool attacks Victoria. No offense, but Victoria could wipe the ring up with McCool and we go to commercial break.

The best part of this match will be seeing Trips work over Miz. Miz starts the match as JR tells us Miz and Chavo will operate as a tag team and Miz gets knocked around by Trips before tagging in Guerrero. HHH goes after Chavo with right hands in the corner and when the ref gets involved, Chavo gets the upper hand. Guerrero goes shoulder first into the post and Miz tags himself in but Chavo nails Trips from behind and Miz goes after The Game’s arm as we see Vickie watching backstage on a monitor. Miz tags in Chavo and Chavo continues to work on the arm before taking HHH down with a kick to the head. Guerrero covers and gets two and Miz gets the tag. Miz delivers a knee in the corner and tags in Chavo who misses a frog splash off the top and tags in Miz. Trips takes Miz down with a neck breaker, then a face buster, followed with a clothesline. The Game covers and gets two. Trips delivers a spine buster as Miz comes off the ropes but he’s holding his arm and can’t get the cover. As Miz tries to go for a tag, Chavo backs away, Miz gets caught in a pedigree and Trips gets the three as he stares down Guerrero outside the ring.

Winner: Triple H with a pedigree

This was a decent second match for Triple H. Vickie appears on the monitor to tell him that his Last Man Standing Match will be against Big Show and we go to commercial break.

We see a video of Vladimir Kozlov in training. MVP is in the ring with his VIP Lounge and poor Montel is still depressed. His guest this week is Mr. Kennedy and I do not like the sad version of MVP. They argue about what Porter is mad at and Kennedy says that MVP is mad at himself because he keeps losing week after week. And then Mr. Kennedy pushes his straight to DVD movie that will be released soon. Workmen appear to repossess MVP’s VIP Lounge furniture and Kennedy tells him that he knows things are bad right now but they could always be worse and Mr. Kennedy leaves the ring. And things do get worse as Boogeyman appears from under the ring and Montel gets body slammed by Boogeyman with his worms. And we go to commercial break.

Mr. Marshall was back in action on Thursday with Total Nonstop Weekly!

Raw Rebound: Chris Jericho and Randy Orton complaining about JBL being the Number One Contender and the match that following teaming Orton and Jericho against HBK and John Cena with Cena and HBK winning the match.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: ”The” Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Carlito and Primo ©

The ref calls for the bell and Primo faces Zeke in the center of the ring with Primo going for a waistlock. Primo tags in Carlito who comes out throwing fists. Primo and Carlito double team with Carlito going for a cover and getting one. Carlito ends up in the wrong corner and Kendrick gets the tag. Carlito makes it to tag Primo, another double team, Primo goes for the cover and gets two. TBK slaps Primo, then bails out of the ring, tagging Jackson as he rolls back in and Jackson blindsides Primo. Primo gets caught in a bear hug and punches his way out, getting caught in a bodyslam. TBK is begging for a tag and Zeke obliges. Primo uses an arm drag to get Brian to break the hold, delivers a kick and Carlito gets the tag. Carlito springboards off the ropes, catching Kendrick with an elbow, Carlito covers and Jackson comes in to break it up, Primo enters the ring and sends Zeke over the top ropes, Carlito catches TBK with a back stabber, covers and gets three.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Carlito and Primo

All four of these guys put on a great match and they seem to improve every week and we go commercial break.

We see exclusive cell phone footage after the accident involving Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend and then see Jeff via satellite earlier today and he describes what happened when another car sideswiped them and then took off. Hardy says he will be back next week on Smackdown and he will be at The Royal Rumble to defend his championship against Edge. Tazz and JR go over the matches scheduled for the Royal Rumble pay per view.

Last Man Standing Match: Big Show and we go to commercial break.

vs. “The Game” Triple H

The bell rings and Trips tries to stay away from Show but Show immediately goes after the previously injured shoulder of The Game and Trips ends up on the floor. HHH’s back looks a little red and Big Show catches him with a big hand to the chest as he makes his way back to the ring and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Big Show is delivering a big chop to The Game’s chest before going back to work on the arm. Show delivers a leg drop and the ref begins his count, getting to six before Trips is up to his feet. Big Show backs HHH into the corner and practices his boxing before Trips is again on the mat and the ref is counting, getting to seven before Trips rolls out of the ring and onto his feet. The fight moves out to the floor with The Game meeting and dislodging the steel steps. The ref again begins the count as Show climbs back into the ring. Trips is back to his feet and hangs Big Show up on the ropes. HHH delivers two clotheslines before Show delivers a clothesline that sends Trips to the mat again. The ref counts to seven again and he is back to his feet. Big Show delivers a head butt but catches a boot and HHH delivers a DDT and both men are down. Show looks like he has blood on his arm but I can’t tell if it’s his or from Trips. Big Show went for what JR considers a spear, a head butt or a low blow and if JR doesn’t know, I don’t know what it was. Again The Game is back to his feet and in the replay, it appeared to be a spear that Show used. Trips is down again and the ref is counting but HHH is back up. Show pours on the head butts and Trips is back in the corner, but Big Show misses a charge to the corner, HHH delivers a pedigree and both men are down again. The Game uses the ropes to get back to his feet and Show is up at nine. Show is throwing punches but Trips is staying out of reach and now HHH lays into Show with fists before catching him with a face buster, Trips goes for a pedigree again but Big Show counters and drops The Game. Both men are down but Show is back to his feet first and Trips makes it up at the count of nine, but then falls out of the ring. Trips counters and sends Big Show face first into the steel post and Show is down on the floor with the ref counting. Show is back to his feet and The Game is bodyslammed on the announcer’s table with the ref counting. Trips is back on his feet at the count of nine and show delivers a right fist that sends The Game back onto the announcer’s table.

And I have no idea who won because the news channel stopped the show at 9:00 PM and went directly to local news.

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