JR: No More FU for Cena; Hogan vs. Austin Unlikely

According to Jim Ross’ latest blog post, John Cena’s “FU” finishing move will now be called the “Throwback.”

I hear his FU finishing maneuver is being renamed “The Throwback” which works for me and is certainly easier for me to communicate to my 5 year old granddaughter who’s a Cena fan of sorts. It will be interesting to see how much knee jerk reaction this name change creates in the illustrious media. Knowing today’s trends and the vocal minority of some fans who have enough product knowledge to be dangerous, too much.

Well, file me under too much knowledge, as I recall the “Throwback” was actually the name of Cena’s running neck snap type move that he would do to a standing opponent (thanks to Wikipedia for confirmation of that), as opposed to the very different fireman’s carry-takeover/slam that is the FU. For a little history, the FU originally got its name during a Cena feud with Brock Lesnar, as a heelish response to Brock’s “F5” finisher.

Also covered in Ross’ latest blog post are WWE’s recent layoffs, video game voiceovers, WWE’s upcoming Best Tag Teams DVD, Eve Torres’ wrestling potential and this nugget from JR’s appearance on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show, during which Hulk Hogan called in:

…we talked about the well worn story of a possible Hulk vs. Stone Cold match at WM25. I still don’t think it will even happen but I do think two things, 1. it would overshadow virtually every thing on the card if it were built over an extended period of time and 2. there would need to be a conclusive winner. Now, with all that said, no matter the fan interest, the match still isn’t going to occur in my view. I will add a 3. “Never say Never” just to keep the seemingly endless conversation alive.

According to various Internet reports, including one on Prowrestling.net, Hogan supposedly said he would indeed be open to putting Austin over (this has been a rumored bone of contention in the past), so “never say never” indeed…

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