How I Met Your Mother – Episode 4-12 Review

Welcome back How I Met Your Mother fans to the 2009 calendar year in HIMYM-ville. It should be a good year, as we will finally get to see Lily and Robin behind mounds of loose clothing and bulky tables!!! I can’t wait. In other good Mother related news, all the cast members got a nice pay raise, and maybe an eighth year. I guess the show being nearly on the chopping block is a thing of the past. BTW, maybe 2009 will be the year when we find out about the goat.

Anyway, on to the episode. Here are the random thoughts, as it may be hard for me to be coherent and complete, as I am still fuming about my Colts inability to convert a 3rd and 2, and my other bets, if gambling were legal, crashing and burning.

  • I’ll get right to it… Sex with the roommate to get out of sexual tension is…. waitforit….. a brilliant idea, in every sense. Except, and now listen closely, FOR THIS SHOW. I love Ted, I love Robin, and I loved them together in season two, but we knew from the first episode that they had no future. They did it well, and made it into an interesting proposition, but I’m not a fan of the rehashing.
  • And the early 2009 favorite for the Mother overblown story of the year………………. We may need Vampire Lou for this………….. Heidi, Spencer, Kim Kardashian and ruining this show, and having a “jumping-the-shark” moment. As was reported, it was a momentary, bit part, mich like the Victoria Secret models last year.
  • I loved that idea, though, with those “stars.” Marshall not being able to “drop the duece” at work was hilarious. Also, I loved the “reading a magazine” tag. Mainly, because I always “read a magazine” when I am “reading a magazine.” As Marshall said, “that what’s magazines are for.” Thank you ‘Sports Illustrated’  I think their slogan should be “making bathroom breaks special for 53 years.”
  • I loved the Barney reaction story. The “Barney smashing TV’s” was hilarious. And, of course, just when I was about to ask “How any freakin’ TV’s can be in the dupster behind McLaren’s”, they add the ‘Barney goes shopping for a TV’ bit, which was hilarious. This show is always thinking one step ahead of the viewer.
  • As far as I know, this was shot in December, so Aly would be about three months pregnant. They are doing a good job of hiding it. Obviously, it will become more diffucult to hide, and more obvious as times goes on, but so far, they are doing a good job. Robin will be harder. She’s not showing yet, but I feel like her height and figure will make it harder to fake.
  • Now, let’s back to the main storyline. I loved the casual sex idea, which was a totally original, brilliant idea. But did we have to have a “things are getting weird.” That was too predictable. Mother is never really this predictable. So, just on the base of its predictability, I have to give a couple thumbs down to that idea. And it barely even lasted long. It was just too cliched.
  • Having Barney rehash his feelings was great, becuase of the ways they did it. As always, they were creative, with having Ted tell him every time Robin and him had sex. And then, the moment of the show, in my opinion:
  • Barney “helping” ted. The stamps were brilliant, the tons of milk was even better. And the dishwasher, with the ‘Energy Star’ label thing still on was high, high comedy. That may have been the simplest, most riotous thing I’ve seen this year. I may have a weird sense of humor on this, but I thought this was a great.
  • Lily’s kindergarten class may not always be well done, but this one was great. “Feely the shar bear” was brilliant. So was the surprise of it  being Lily’s classroom. This was a classic episode, in its multi-tiered story, its small, hilarious twists, and its play on words.
  • Play on words, you say?? Yes, dammit, play on words. Barney missunderstanding “reading a magazine” for, I’ll try to make it appropriate, “being master of your domain” was quite funny. Then came the trifecta:

                     1.) “Gaza Strip-pers”

                     2.) “Apart-Thighs”

                     3.) “Mrs. Gorbechov, take off your pants”

  • That was high, high comedy. As was this whole episode. Except for the cliched-ness (i’m aware I just made up a word, but I’m also aware that I hate the San Diego Chargers at a level I can’t really explain, so whatever) of the ‘Ted and Robin think they may start to have feelings for each other’ story, it was a brilliant episode. Also, it ended with the great, dramatic ending.

Rating: 9/10