Survivor: Gabon – My Thoughts On That Season As We Wait For Brazil

Hey everyone!!! So I’m new here, so I figured I would write a blog about Survivor: Gabon to give you a bit of a taste on how I feel about the show, before Survivor: Brazil kicks off in February.

Gabon has probably made it into my top 5 favorite seasons. It had everything I need in a season of Survivor: a few great people to root for, a few people to absolutely hate, some blindsides, a fake idol (priceless!!!!), and a complete shift in power from what everyone originally thought. The only thing I would have changed is the winner.

I know a lot of people LOVED Bob, but my favorite from day 1 was the underestimated pin up model….Sugar. In my mind she played the best game out of everyone there. Basically every boot came from her mind. She knew Ace was dragging her down…so away he went. Randy made her and her friends lives a living hell…so she figured out a plan to get back at him and send him away at the same time. She knew that two members of her alliance were starting to control things too much…so away they went. Brilliant game play!! The only reason she did not win, and I know many agree, is bitterness. Four specific members of the jury could not get out of their junior high world and award the win to the best player. For some basically unknown reason to us, they hated Sugar, so they would not vote for her. What they really need to do is watch Big Brother and take some notes from that jury. Dan made so many enemies and played a pretty dirty game, but they looked at that as good game play. That is what the jury is there for. Look past your ego for 2 seconds, grow up, and realize that someone played a better game then you. Sure Bob won a lot of immunity challenges…but that should only bring you so far. This game is far more complex then being good at challenges.

So all is all, like I said, Gabon is now in my top 5. That list includes Gabon, Fans vs.Favs, China, Cook Islands and Australia. If things keep going up, Brazil is going to be one hell of a season.