ECW Real-Time Report for 01/13/2009

Welcome to ECW!   Tonight we’ll get the chance to see the “All-American American” Jack Swagger challenge for the ECW belt against Matt Hardy!!!  Here we go:


Video Recap of Jack Swagger’s time on ECW. 


Your hosts are Slammy award winners Todd Grisham and Matt Striker! (I love Matt Striker).


DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox are in the ring dancing away awaiting their mixed tag match against the Burchills.


Katie Lea and Paul Burchill vs. DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox:

The women start it out. Katie Lea gets the upperhand  early.  Goes for the knee off the ropes but gets rolled up for two.  Throw to corner and the two hit heads.  Katie Lea makes the tag.  Paul gets real aggressive on Gabriel.  Shots in the corner and some right hands.  Drapes him over the ropes and a kick to the head.  Cover for two.  Grounds Gabriel with a combo arm-lock chin-lock.  Gabriel fighting back.  Gets Burchill into a back suplex.  Katie Lea breaks up the count.  Alicia Fox in to get her out of the ring.  DJ Gabriel off the middle rope with a European uppercut.  Cover and gets him 1,2,3.


2 stars – decent opener but too short.

 Video package of Stone Cold in honor of his upcoming Hall of Fame induction.


We’re back and here comes Tommy Dreamer in a suit.  Striker comments that this isn’t how we normally see Dreamer.  Dreamer comments on title match tonight and talks about his 19 year career.  Loves entertaining us and we have a great connection.  The letters ECW mean the world to him.  He wouldn’t change a thing in his career.  He has been digging into his soul and doesn’t think he is the same man he used to be.  The other ECW entertainers are faster, younger and bigger.  Dreamer doesn’t think he has it in him anymore.  His contract expires on June 6th.  He needs to prove to himself and to us that he can still go.  The only way to do it is to gain the championship before the contract expires.  If he doesn’t, he will leave ECW.  Wow.  He WILL be ECW champ again. Thanks.


Big announcement.  It’ll be nice to see him get a good push until June if they continue with this storyline.  Let’s hope he gets the attention he deserves.


Another Jack Swagger video package.  He will be new champ and new face of the franchise!


Ricky Ortiz and Tiffany are about to kiss and they are interrupted by Hornswaggle banging some pots together.  And there goes Finlay chasing him.


Here comes the Boogeyman!!


Sammy Savon (sp?) is already in the ring.


Boogeyman vs. Sammy Savon:

Sammy with a boot and some hammers.  Boogeyman just gyrates back and hip tosses him out of the corner.  Throw to the corner and Stinger Splash.  Sammy struggles up and it’s the Kanyon’s old power slam move.


Squash – ½ star


Here comes the worms postmatch.


Smackdown Rebound:  Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend involved in a hit and run accident.  It’s an episode of COPS.  Who could have it been?  At least no one’s hurt.


Matt Hardy is backstage for an interview with Grisham and Striker.  The accident is not going to affect Matt at all.  Jack Swagger is an impressive opponent but he won’t beat ME!  He is the ECW CHAMP!!  And the match is coming up next!!  Hope it gets the full half hour.



 Last week, ECW was SciFi’s highest rated show for the 15th consecutive week.  I’m suprised the Twighlight Zone marathon didn’t do better.  I look forward to that every year.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon package.  He’s returning next Monday.

And here comes the All-American American… Jack Swagger!!  And here’s our champ, Matt Hardy!

Matt Hardy (champion) vs. Jack Swagger, ECW Championship Match

Hardy chants start and here we go.  Lock up.  They trade arm bars.  Swagger takes him down with some amateur moves and Hardy to the ropes.  Lock up and another armbar.  Hardy reverses into a suplex.

 Commercial break.

We’re back and Swagger in control with a side headlock.  Hardy pushes him to the ropes.  Arm drag.  Throws Swagger to the corner and then a bulldog and a 2 count.  Striker just told us Cloris Leachman is an ECW fan.  Awesome.  Here comes Hardy from the ring apron but Swagger forearms him to the floor.  Swagger out and pulls Matt to the ringpost. Pushes Hardy back in and works on the left arm and shoulder some more.  Cover and a two count.  More work on the arm and to the corner.  Swagger with some good shots in and another cover for two.  Armlock again and again Hardy fights back just to get dropped to the mat.  Swagger in control and misses the elbow!  Here come Matt but a big boot puts him back down.  Two count and yet another…

 Commercial break.


  Back again and Swagger still in control and still working on the left arm.  To the ropes and Swagger gets kicked going for the back body drop. Hardy outside and up the ropes but gets caught.  Swagger goes for the superplex and HITS IT!  Swagger rolls him over and gets a 2 count.  Back to the left arm.  To the corner and Swagger unloads with kicks and punches.  Puts him back on the top rope.  Going for the superplex again but Matt fights back!  Flips over into a powerbomb!! Two count.  Looks like Swagger held on to the top turnbuckle and may have ripped it off.  Swagger trying to get in control but Hardy reverses into a Russian leg sweep.  Hardy with a clothesline in the corner. Goes off the ropes and HITS THE SIDE EFFECT!  TWO COUNT!  Goes for it again but Swagger rolls him up, grabs the tights and gets two.  He goes off the second rope into a splash onto Hardy.  Another two count.  Punches back and forth.  Swagger goes for a slam, Hardy reverses into neckbreaker.  Two count!  Going up the ropes again and caught.!  Swagger goes for electric chair but Matt has the ropes.  He throws Matt on the exposed turnbuckle! Gutwrench powerbomb!! 1, 2, 3!! NEW CHAMP! NEW CHAMP!


Swagger leaves the ring with his gold. 


4 stars out of 5 – This match was awesome, especially the finish.  Could’ve gotten more stars if the commercial breaks didn’t interrupt it so much.


Well, that’s my first time covering ECW for you.  Hopefully the first of many.  It’s my lucky break we get a title change for it.  A lackluster beginning turned into the most memorable ECW in a long time.  Until next week!!




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