Gossip Girl – Episode 2-14 Review

And there goes all my hope for a good season. Let me rephrase, there goes all my hope for a enjoyable season. After all the drama that went down on this week’s episode, I can’t see myself jumping for joy any time soon.

For all of us that thought that we were finally getting a Chuck/Blair relationship in the near future, this episode just threw us under a bus. Chuck is a mess and his conniving uncle is there to make things worse. He’s after Bass industries even though Bart left the majority to Chuck. So, he gets the company’s board to catch Chuck in a compromising position with drugs and naked girls, therefore defying the morality clause set forth in his father’s will.

Blair, although annoying at times, stood by Chuck’s side. That is until he told her  to stop playing his wife. Not only did Chuck lose the company, but he lost Blair. Seriously? Do we really have to see another Chuck downward spiral? Can Blair and Chuck ever just be together? I’m getting impatient here.

Lily and Rufus are off to Boston to find their child and sleep together in the process. Dan finds it hard avoiding Serena so that he won’t let the news about their shared sibling slip. Too late for that. Blair’s minions catch hold of the news and share it with Gossip Girl. This might be the last straw in the twisted romance of Dan and Serena.

Jenny spends the whole episode bugging Eric and his boyfriend. I think Eric should be bugging her about that mullet bleached haircut. It was awful, as was this small subplot.

Anyway, Lily and Rufus meet with the adopted father of their son Andrew and are told that he died. We come to find out this isn’t the truth and the parents just don’t want them finding him because they already lost a son. This should be interesting.

Gasp! Nate makes an appearance! They should just refer to him as an extra because he’s in less episodes than some of the secondary characters. Vanessa is too, but I care less about that. She and Nate are celebrating their 2-month anniversary (gag!) and the only good thing we get from Nate this episode is his support for Chuck and apology to Dan, both of which were long overdue.

In the end, Serena seems to be up for making it work with Dan. Along with Jenny and Eric, the foursome await for their parents who walk in hand-in-hand.

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including HotIndieNews.com and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! magazines.