HBO Switches Up In Treatment Schedule!

The lead character on In Treatment has made some big changes as the show enters its second season, and HBO is switching things up too.

The network has altered the way it’s scheduling the show, which returns to the air in April. Rather than air episodes each weeknight, as it did last year, HBO will bundle episodes on Sunday and Monday nights. Two of them will air on Sundays, and three will air on Mondays (starting at 10 p.m. ET both nights).

As was the case last year, each episode will focus on a session between Dr. Paul Weston ( Gabriel Byrne) and one of his patients.

The change in scheduling reflects the way a lot of people watched the show last season, HBO Entertainment chief Sue Naegle said Friday (Jan. 9) at HBO’s Television Critics Association sessions. “People watched them stacked. … We found that people really liked to dig in and watch more than one at a time. We wanted to make it easier for people to find it.”

On screen, Paul has split from his wife and moved his practice from Maryland to Brooklyn. He has a new roster of patients, played by Hope Davis, John Mahoney, Allison Pill and Aaron Shaw. Russell Hornsby and Sherri Saum will also join the cast as Shaw’s parents, while Michelle Forbes and Emmy winner Glynn Turman will reprise their roles from last season.

Dianne Wiest will also be back, continuing her role as Paul’s own therapist, whom he takes the train back to Maryland to see every Friday.

Source: Zap2It