One Tree Hill – Episode 6-14 Review

New couple alert in Tree Hill! This week’s lighthearted episode directed by Chad Michael Murray included first kisses and some foolish yet hilarious dancing.

I admit that I have succumbed to the Brooke/Julian hookup. I always saw the potential hidden within the undeniable chemistry between these two, but I didn’t want Brooke stuck with Peyton’s leftovers…again. Their “business meeting” got a little steamy and ended with some wine and kissing. I’m just a little worried about his lingering feelings for Peyton. He definitely seemed less-than-enthused about the pregnancy news.

Speaking of the news, everyone seems to be finding out despite Peyton wanting to spread the joy herself. Naturally, everyone is congratulatory and Haley asks them to watch Jamie and Andre (Q’s brother) for the night so they can get some practice. Peyton and Lucas were actually really cute trying to entertain the two youngsters. Jamie, the overly-bright 5-year-old wasn’t impressed with the kiddie movies or games and pulls out a friendly game of poker with candy coins at stake.

Haley and Nathan enjoy a night out at Tric with Chase and Mia on a double date. The date thing with Chase and Mia was cute. He is just adorable and even though I liked him and Brooke together, I find myself jumping on this ship too, especially with Julian distracting Brooke. The kiss was cute too. I’m just happy Owen is gone for now.

He fled the scene (maybe to rehab) after giving up his sobriety and letting Millie give up her virginity to him. I actually felt really bad for Mouth in this episode. I was definitely expecting Brooke to be more pissed about the whole thing though. She told Millie to “get out” but then goes and hugs her. That’s how you can tell how much Brooke has grown up.

Sam spent most of the episode teasing Brooke about Julian and comforting Jack who is left orphaned by the arrest of his lunatic murdering brother.

Besides the cute smooching, the best scene has to be Nathan and Chase doing karaoke. James Lafferty (and by default, Nathan) has a history of being a bad dancer. From Season 1’s boy toy auction to Season 4’s striptease, he’s always been well…rhythmically challenged. It was hilarious to see him not only bust some ridiculous moves but also rap and sing. It was a good directorial choice to put a cross screen with Jamie and Andre doing the same thing. Props to Chad. He definitely is a better director than writer (sorry!).

Can’t wait to see next week!

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! magazines.