Steve Austin: WWE Hall of Famer

Plus, who might be joining him. has announced that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be inducted in to the 2009 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Mike Johnson at PWI is reporting that another legend from Texas will be joining him; “Cowboy” Bill Watts.

Watts sent a lengthy e-mail to friends (which Johnson reprints) saying that he accepted WWE’s invitation to make him part of their hall on Wrestlemania weekend:

I never ‘envisioned being asked by his group’ to be inducted into their Hall of Fame…so…it was ‘a surprise’… a very ‘pleasurable one’… and I accepted with a ‘whole heart’… and look forward to this

He also let it be known who he wants to induct him:

But without a doubt… if it is agreed to by them (WWE)…there can be ‘no other’…than Jim Ross…(their JR)…as he has been with me since he was a young man…and worked his way up to my ‘right hand man’…

He even finds a way to work in some shots at Matt Hardy’s new best pal, Eric Bischoff:

while wrestling at TBS is ‘no longer’… and I don’t believe Bishoff has ever been more than someone’s ‘gopher’ since…which suits his ‘no-talent self’…in my ‘humble opinion’…;>)

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