10 Thoughts on ECW – 01.13.09

01. Alicia Fox is beautiful. Like I would murder you if she asked me to.

02. The worst part about women’s wrestling in the WWE is that they telegraph everything.

03. DJ Gabriel is boring. I mean I’m bored just writing about him… *yawn*

04. Dreamer cut a very respectable promo. It’s basically the Flair angle again. But at least it gives us a title chase.

05. Ricky Ortiz looks like a dirty hobo.

06. The Boogeyman isn’t a very good wrestler.

07. Love the big match feel for the ECW title match.

08. Jack Swagger is going to be huge. His smile makes me smile. It’s catchy. 🙂

09. Hardy and Swagger put on a great title match. Swagger hasn’t really done much yet but this match not only showed that he could go (did you see that Vader Bomb?) and I think he is going to someone to watch in the future. Rookie of the goddamn year indeed.

10. New ECW Champion. Swagger is going to hold the belt for a long time. Post Wrestlemania at the very least until he drops it to Dreamer.

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