90210 – Episode 1-13 Review

*Chants* DONNA MARTIN WILL BE BACK! DONNA MARTIN WILL BE BACK! DONNA MARTIN WILL BE BACK! You’ve heard right she’ll finally make an appearance (I hope she’s still married to David). However it might be a Brenda-less episode though (oh give me a break! Jennie Garth was able to truce with her!) Oh and in an earlier post about the TV remakes thing turns out I was right on the money for the Electric Company. On to tonight’s episode…

The episode starts off with a heat wave….in January (lucky you, up here where I am it’s supposed to be an extreme windchill of -46 tomorrow) and because of the bad air conditioner at West Bev high Principal Wilson calls for a “Heat Wave Day”. I think it’s supposed to be the opposite of snow day.

Tabitha is really testing Debra’s patience with the thermostat. Something about helping out her vocal chords because she’s auditioning for this colonial times mini series and she doesn’t like the way that Tabitha is horning it in. Especially after she gives Annie and Dixon a car which Debra immediately takes away. However, she retaliates by giving Annie the keys to her Palm Springs house and she takes Ethan with her which makes Debra angrier. In fact, Harry puts his foot down with the issue and threatens to move out.

Adriana is having trouble telling Naomi and Navid that she’s pregnant. Naomi fears that Adriana is using again which she tells the blended ones (big mistake by the way). When she finally tells Naomi the truth, she apologizes.

Everyone else celebrates the day off from school at the beach. Dixon and Silver build a sandcastle (hmmm isn’t that what Tori Spelling did on her wedding day to her current husband?) However, when he tells her that he loves her and she thanks him for that and well it gets kinda awkward to explain what happens. She ends up storming off destroying the sandcastle. The next day she apologizes (uh oh I hope they don’t break up because they’re my favorite couple).

Annie and Ethan are having a good time in Palm Springs she tells him that she’s ready to go all the way with him. However he freaks out at the last second. He fears that what if he hurts her (well he does technically by freaking out at the last second). Harry and Debra go off to Palm Springs to see what they’re doing. What they find is Ethan sleeping on the couch and Annie sleeping on a different bed awww. But the next morning Annie and Ethan find Harry and Debra in the back seat of their van…um half naked! Ewwwwww!

Adriana eventually tells Navid that she’s pregnant and he goes away for awhile to walk it out. The next day he reacts positively….or so we thought. They end up breaking up (aw man). Naomi vows to stay by Adriana’s side throughout the pregnancy.

Hmm well there wasn’t much to say this week. Next week Ty returns! YAY! And there’s a car wreck! OMG they’re not killing someone off already are they? I mean come on the original one didn’t kill anyone off until season 2.

Samantha Lynn Tschetter loves writing as a hobby and will be attending college in the fall check out her fan fic site at WtHiCS.piczo.com