American Idol – Episode 8-1 Review

So season 8 of American Idol kicked off tonight with auditions in Phoenix Arizona. If I’m not mistaken…we were told that we would be seeing less of the “joke” auditions. Well that must have been a joke in itself. Out of 27 gold tickets given away in Phoenix, we only saw 11 of them in a 2 hour show. So i’ve decided that I am not going to talk about the jokes…I will only talk about the people that I personally think have a chance at making some noise in this competition.

First off…Emily Hughes, the rocker who now has to ditch her all girl rock band so she can step onto the stage in Hollywood. Right when I saw her I knew she was something special. She has the look, she has a pretty rad name, and…she has the voice. Although I personally think that she could have picked a better song to rock out and show us her stuff. I definitely see Emily turning some heads in season 8.

Stevie Wright is also something special. The way she sang seemed so simple for her. And it obviouslly will help that the judges love her. And again with the name…can’t you picture the name STEVIE WRIGHT headlining a concert??? I sure can. Top 10 for sure.

Someone I dont think is special at all…except for the obvious reasons…is the bikini girl. I cant even remember her name, and I dont really care. We all know the reason she got through, and it was definitely not her voice. I really hope she does not make it to the top 36.

And then there is the roughneck with the not so rough voice. He didn’t wow me like I thought he would, but he for sure has a voice. My guess is we will see him in the top 36, but America will not vote him through. We still have a lot of auditions to see, and I’m sure the best is yet to come.

And the last one I care to talk about is the last audition we saw. Cody Macintyre. it is amazing to see someone so gifted in music who is almost 100% blind. We briefly heard him play the piano, we heard that he went to college very early, and we heard is voice. This guy is someone to watch in this season. I know we will see him in the top 36, and he will deserve every single vote he gets. I am glad to say there will be no sympathy votes…at least not from me.

So those are the auditions that really stood out for me. I don’t really want to talk about Paula and he crazy changeing glasses(anyone else notice that???) Kara didn’t really amaze me as a new judge…other then the fact that she thought she needed to show off her singing voice for all the people who havent heard of her…Simon was Simon, and Randy was Randy. They said this season would be very different…but so far I dont see it. I really hope the next episode focuses more on talent, and less on guys with afros and pink cowgirls.