American Idol – Episode 8-1 Quick Review

Season 8 of American Idol kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona. That is where the first auditions were held. The usually good, bad, and really awful were highlighted. Here is who they focused on for the first night and my notes on them as they sung:

– Tuan Nguyen a.k.a. “The Tap-Dancing Afro Michael Jackson”
*- Emily Wynne-Hughes a.k.a. “The Wanna-Be Pink”
– Randy Madden a.k.a. “The Wanna-Be Criss Angel/Brett Michaels”. Also he’s overly sensitive guy.
*- J.B. Ahfua – good voice but not that memorable
– Michael Gurr – toad guy
– Will Kunick – mouse voice
– Aundre Caraway – Cactus dance guy
*- Arrianna Asfar – best so far – good
– Elijah Scarlett – extremely low voice
– Leah Marie – 16-year-old Madonna/Hilary Duff cross. Crazy fan of Kara – not as bad as expected
*- Stevie Wright – low smoky voice good. See Arrianna
*- Michael Sarver – roughneck with great voice
*- Katrina Darrell – “bikini girl”
– Eric Thomas – “sexual chocolate”
*- Brianna Quijada – too peppy
*- Deanna Brown – Southern girl
*- Cody Shell – emo horror film kid
*- Alex Wagner-Trugman – sang in a closet
*- Scott McIntyre- blind guy with a piano

Those with a * next to their names made the first cut and moved on to Hollywood. Everyone else did not.

Now here are my rankings for the “best of the best” and the “worst of the worst”:


#11 – Alex Wagner-Trugman –
#10 – Brianna Quijada
#9 – Katrina Darrell
#8 – Cody Shell

#7 – J.B. Ahfua
#6 -Deanna Brown
#5 – Arrianna Asfar
#4 – Stevie Wright
#3 – Emily Wynne-Hughes

#2 – Scott McIntyre
#1 – Michael Sarver

Once again you can separate the good singers into different tiers. The bottom tier is filled with singers that barely got to the next round and probably won’t make it that far. The middle tier is nothing special, but good solid singers. And the top tier, which is just Scott and Michael for tonight, are the ones that stood out and could easily make the finals. It will be interesting to keep track of these people as they continue on.

But now we must get to the worst singers of them all. Here are the rankings:


#8 – Will Kunick
#7 – Eric Thomas
#6 – Tuan Nguyen
#5 – Randy Madden
#4 – Leah Marie
#3 – Elijah Scarlett
#2 – Aundre Caraway
#1 – Michael Gurr

It’s harder to rank the bad singers, but I went with the ones that will probably be “most memorable” for all the wrong reasons. So “toad guy” barely beats out “crazy cactus dance man” and “low low low voice man” and “crazy Kara fan”. But all of the top 6 are pretty memorable as being awfully bad and different.

See you tomorrow!