Brendan Fraser teams up with the real Indiana Jones

Brendan Fraser, who plays a wannabe Indiana Jones in The Mummy films, will be acting with the real deal (Harrison Ford). Sadly, this is not an action film.

CBS Films has greenlighted it’s first film which will star the above actors in a medical drama inspired by a true story.

In what is currently being called Untitled Crowley Project Fraser will play John Crowley, a father of two children who are diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder for which there is no cure. Determined to save his kids he seeks out the help of an experimental and sometimes irascible doctor, to be played by Ford.

CBS Films chief Amy Baer said she was drawn into its resonance. “It’s an inspirational drama with universally relatable themes,” she said. “It’s the kind of story where, like an Erin Brockovich or Pursuit Of Happyness, people want to go on the journey because they want to accomplish that for themselves.”

This film is set to begin production in April.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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