Detailed Smackdown Spoilers

For the next two weeks tapings…

– Kung Fu Naki beat Ryan Braddock in a dark match, avoiding being rammed into the turnbuckle and rolling him up for the pin.

January 16th:

– Show opens with a recap of Jeff Hardy’s accident and his fiancee’s injury.

– Vickie Guerrero runs down Triple H and claims that she got the last laugh after all. The Hs come down to join her and apologise. He has an envelope and says it is a gift for her… her nude photos. He got them from Khali – only after Khali showed them to everyone and sold them to Joey Styles. He apologises if Styles left any ‘sticky’ on them. He has the Titantron cued to show the pictures (with the black boxes) and Vickie gets mad. She says the Hs have been replaced in their match against Big Show tonight by MVP – and if MVP loses then the Hs lose their Royal Rumble spot. Furthermore, the Hs are banned from ringside.

– Finlay & Matt Hardy beat Mark Henry & Jack Swagger. Hornswoggle distracted Henry, allowing Finlay to get in a weapon shot as Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Swagger for the pin. Finlay, Hornswoggle and Hardy party afterwards, with Hardy pointing at Swagger’s ECW Title.

– Backstage, Big Show promises Vickie that he will take care of business tonight and at the Royal Rumble. He reminds Edge that this means he will get to KO him at WrestleMania for the title. Chavo Guerrero is there and laughs at this, so Edge snaps at him and tells him to go fetch coffee.

– The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson try to intimidate R-Truth but fail.

– Michelle McCool assures us that she is not mean, everyone else is just jealous of her. If she could, she’d be jealous of herself too. Victoria turns up and gets in her face.

– Triple H gives MVP a pep talk. MVP says not to worry about it, Show is so slow he takes 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes.

– R-Truth beats The Kendrick with a scissors kick. Ezekiel beats him up afterwards and Kendrick limps to the back with a smug look on his face.

– Triple H politely reminds MVP that if he screws up he will face the wrath of an angry sledgehammer.

– MVP beats the Big Show in a Last Man Standing match. Show had MVP at the top of the ramp, ready to chokeslam him off the stage, when the Hs came out and clipped his knees with the sledgehammer. Show could not answer the 10 count so MVP won and the Hs remain in the Royal Rumble. MVP got some generic face pops but mostly the match lacked heat.


– Vickie tells Chavo to bring the Hs to her IMMEDIATELY.

– Michelle McCool beat Victoria with a modified Styles Clash for the pin.

– Triple H reminds Vickie that he did in fact not go to ringside during the Big Show match, merely to the stage.

– Victoria announces that tonight was her last match in WWE. She thanks the fans and says it was an honour to wrestle for them, that she loved doing it all. She limps to the back and gets a “thank you” chant.


– Edge says he is tired of being disrespected, tired of his wife being disrespected, but his problems are minute compared to the black cloud hanging over Jeff Hardy’s head. He says he is happy Jeff and his fiancee are okay after their car accident – he doesn’t want his title win at the Rumble to be tainted. He shows a Rated-R movie trailer for his forthcoming victory. He invites Jeff out to join him on the Cutting Edge. Jeff comes out to a huge pop and some huge pyro, which strikes him. He collapses as medical staff and backstage people rush over to help.

January 23rd Smackdown:

– Edge starts off by claiming to have nothing to do with what happened to Jeff Hardy last week. A true champion never whines or complains but overcomes all obstacles. Matt Hardy runs down and they fight through the crowd.

– The Undertaker beats Shelton Benjamin with the Hell’s Gate in a non-title match. Shelton got in a lot of offence here, countering Old School twice, kicking out of a Chokeslam and putting in a decent account of himself before tapping out.

– Chavo Guerrero comes out to whine about being made into a gopher. He claims he is a proud Mexican warrior who will help his aunt whenever required. This leads to…

– Khali beats Chavo with the Tree Slam in a short match.

– Maryse came out to do commentary on the next match.

– The Bella Twins and Michelle McCool & Natalya Neidhart go to a non-contest after Maria runs in to brawl with McCool. The heels beat her down afterwards.

– Vickie tells Triple H that is he loses to Vladimir Kozlov tonight he will be #1 in the Rumble.

– Edge beats Matt Hardy in a no-DQ match. Mark Henry tried to get involved but Hardy tripped him up. Jack Swagger then came out and it was a 3-on-1 beatdown until Edge hit the spear for the pin.

– The Miz & John Morrison beat Carlito & Primo in a non-title match when Miz pinned Carlito.

– Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov starts but then Vickie comes out to announce it is a Handicap Match and sends Big Show out. The Hs make some valiant comebacks but are eventually left laying and pinned by Kozlov, making him the #1 entrant in the Royal Rumble.

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