Quick Impact Spoilers

For January 22nd…

– Alex Shelley beat Chris Sabin, Sheik Abdul Bashir & Sonjay Dutt in a four-way to retain the X Title by pinning Dutt. Shane Sewell was the referee.

– Kurt Angle said A.J. Styles and Petey Williams were tonights Main Event Mafia victims. Jim Cornette announced the Against All Odds main event as a four-way for the title involving Sting, Team 3D and Angle.

– ODB beat Sojourner Bolt by DQ when the Kongtourage got involved. Taylor Wilde and Roxxi made the save for ODB.

– Booker T & Scott Steiner beat Eric Young & Petey Williams in an elimination match with two straight falls. Booker started to bully Sewell, the referee, and then he and Steiner beat him up as well.

– Matt Morgan and Abyss kissed and made up.

– Beer Money beat Matt Morgan & Abyss in a non-title First Blood Match. Morgan turned on Abyss and made him bleed.

– Kurt Angle beat A.J. Styles after an Olympic Slam through a table. He destroyed Styles’ ankle afterwards and said the end of TNA started next week. YAY!

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