American Idol – Episode 8-2 Quick Review

We move to night 2 of auditions and we are in Kansas City, MO. The usually good, bad, and really awful were again highlighted. Here is who they focused on for the second night and my notes on them as they sung:

– Chelsea Marquardt – whiny terrible
*- Ashley Anderson – confused footprints with footsteps, but she can sing
*- Casey Carlson – kinda subdued, but solid
– Brian Hettler – very strange bearded dude
– James Michael Avance – whiny guy #1
– Billy Vance – whiny guy #2
– Chris Jones – whiny guy #3
– Deandre Hopkins – whiny guy #4
*- Von Smith – potentially good but he sang “over the rainbow” so we will see
*- Michael Castro – Jason’s little brother with pink hair; pretty average
– Vaughn English – banana man
*- Matt Breitzke – bald guy with a big soulful voice
– Jasmine Joseph – rainbow brite girl
*- Jessica Verney – good but nothing special
– Asia and *India McClain- rappin’ sisters but one still gets in?
*- Jamar Rogers – too loud and over-the-top but could have potential
*- Danny Gokey – good story and good soulful voice
*- Anoop Desai – doesn’t look it but good
– Andrew Lang – own cheerleading squad and over-the-top; not as bad as expected
*- Asa Barnes – slightly above average
– Michael Nicewonder – bleached hair kid that is awfully bad
*- Dennis Bringham – not that good but tries hard
– Mia Conley – no clue how bad she is
*- Lil Rounds – this year’s Fantasia? They even cue her music afterwards

Those with a * next to their names made the first cut and moved on to Hollywood. Everyone else did not.

Now here are my rankings for the “best of the best” and the “worst of the worst”:


#13 – Dennis Bringham
#12 – India McClain
#11 – Von Smith

#10 – Ashley Anderson
#9 – Lil Rounds
#8 – Jamar Rogers
#7- Casey Carlson
#6 – Michael Castro
#5 – Jessica Verney
#4 – Asa Barnes

#3 – Matt Breitzke
#2 – Anoop Desai
#1 – Danny Gokey

Once again you can separate the good singers into different tiers. The bottom tier is filled with singers that barely got to the next round and probably won’t make it that far. The middle tier is nothing special, but good solid singers. And the top tier are the ones that stood out and could easily make the finals. It will be interesting to keep track of these people as they continue on.

But now we must get to the worst singers of them all. Here are the rankings:


#9 – James Michael Avance/Billy Vance/Chris Jones/Deandre Hopkins (Whiny Boys)
#8 – Chelsea Marquardt
#7 – Vaughn English
#6 – Jasmine Joseph
#5 – Andrew Lang
#4 – Mia Conley
#3 – Asia McClain
#2 – Brian Hettler
#1 – Michael Nicewonder

It’s harder to rank the bad singers, but I went with the ones that will probably be “most memorable” for all the wrong reasons. So tonight it was really tough as the top 8 were all memorable in their own way. So I may not continue these rankings, since the show is started to focus more on good singers than bad. But we will see.

See you next week!