Another Classic Gets The Remake Treatment

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer have set Tom Hooper, director of John Adams to direct East Of Eden, Christopher Hampton is set to write an new adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel.

Grazer will produce with Grand Illusions Entertainment’s Jonathan Sanger and Ed Albert.

First published in 1952, “East of Eden” is Steinbeck’s retelling of the Cain and Abel story, set in California’s Salinas Valley. The multi generational story focuses on the Trask brothers and a woman who comes between the siblings.

As you should remember, East Of Eden was originally adapted to film in 1955. It was directed by Elia Kazan and starred James Dean.

Anytime a film, especially a classic film like this one winds up in the remake category any self respecting film goer poses the question, “Why, God, Why?”

To that Hooper says, “There is an opportunity to show the sex, violence and darkness of Steinbeck’s work, along with the optimism and celebration of love.”

Other questions come to mind. Will this remake be worth of even standing in the shadow of the original? Who will they find to fill the shoes of James Dean? And again, why?

And finally a plea: Please don’t let the cast Shia LeBeouf!

Source: Variety