10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 01.15.09

01. Hernandez looked pretty strong in starting the show, and his promo wasn’t too bad either. They obviously have interest in pushing him as a singles wrestler at some point, and this was the first evidence I’ve seen that it might work in time.

02. Speaking of people being pushed as singles stars, Brother Ray and Brother Devon will both have singles matches on the next pay-per-view. Remember when WWE pushed them as singles wrestlers? Yikes.

03. The Beautiful People stuff with “Governor Palin” isn’t quite the stupidest thing TNA has ever done, but that’s only because they’ve done some REALLY stupid things.

04. Isn’t Kurt Angle going after Jeff Jarrett’s family exactly what Jarrett did to Sting once? And like Abyss did to Christian Cage?

05. I’m sure it’s been said elsewhere, but doing “Rough Cuts” segments on heels totally takes all their heat away. Why would anyone want to boo someone who’s all “I worked hard and achieved my dream and now I can provide for my family” or something, and then comes out and tries to act like a heel?

06. It was over an hour into the show before the second match started. Their time management and show structuring needs some work.

07. The tag team number one contender’s match actually made sense, since both teams have been feuding with the champions. Good for them.

08. Brutus Magnus is an awful name, and I don’t imagine he’ll get too far.

09. Eddie Vedder once said he thought of one of the songs he wrote as “someone else trying to write like me,” and that’s how I feel about Foley promos now. They’re not bad, but they feel like someone doing an imitation of the real Mick Foley.

10. The bait and switch in the main event didn’t bother me, because doing one on TV every once in a while isn’t the worst thing in the world. Just don’t abuse it.

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