A photo floating around online over the past week that’s allegedly of Katy Perry posing nude in front of a bathroom mirror, while rather aesthetically pleasing, is likely not really her. While the girl in the photo bears a striking resemblance to Perry, who you might know from her crappy “I Kissed a Girl” song, upon further examination (and there was much examination), there are some notable facial differences.

Here is the photo in question. (Note: If you are at work, clicking on the preceding link could get your ass canned. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) Without an actual picture of Katy Perry to compare the two side-by-side, it’s easy to mistake her for the singer, and even if you have a picture, the resemblance is still uncanny, save for the differently-shaped nose and fuller lips of the fake Katy Perry. Here‘s an actual, safe-for-work photo of the singer, apparently taken in my aunt and uncle’s basement, because I do believe that they’re the only people in the country who still have that wallpaper.

I’m about 99% sure on this. I asked graphic designer and site editor Jeff Fernandez if it looked Photoshopped, as many people are claiming, and he said that it looked like an original (he then ordered me to post it since you people love music-related smut). Perry hasn’t commented on the photo as of right now, but seeing as she’s deserted her earlier, unsuccessful stab at being a contemporary Christian singer for an edgier and relatively raunchier persona, if the pic is real, she’ll likely fess up to it. It is possible, of course, that she could have had a nose job after the photo was taken, but we won’t know for sure until she confirms or denies it.