10 Thoughts on Smackdown – 01.16.2009

Greetings and Salutations IP readers. Welcome to my debut as the new 10 Thoughts author for the blue brand.

Send me feedback, because I want to make this column as good as I can make it.

Now..on with the show.

1. The wacky hijinks of Hunter and Vickie continue. If they were doing this stuff in high school, you would say they secretly liked each other.

2. Solid opening tag match with the ECW contingent. Jack Swagger continues his ascent to being a made man as he gets a chance to work one of the big 2 shows, has a Word Title to his credit, and will have his PPV debut at the Rumble as Matt cashes in his rematch clause.

3. Kendrick has kinda morphed from being a cocky punk to being a weirdo. You don’t need that last bong before the matches there Brian.

4. For the time they got, Truth and Kendrick had a nice little match. SD could have a nice little midcard with Shelton/Kennedy/MVP/Truth/Kendrick/Helms.

5. If they were serious about it, La Familia 2.0 (Edge/Chavo/Show) could be a great stable if they had one more piece, and if it were the right piece, it could be an instant classic.

6. Our long national nightmare is over, MVP WON A MATCH!!! And a not too shabby match it was.

7. Congrats to Victoria for being able to go out on her own terms, a luxury not too many people get these days. She was a good soldier all throughout her run, playing all her roles to the best of her ability. Enjoy retirement Lisa Marie Varon, you earned it.

8. Notice she got to main event tonight. Though it would have been nice if the showed her post-match speech.

9. Methinks they announced Stone Cold going to the Hall of Fame early because it was already leaked, and they decided just to announce it and get it over with.

10. Whoever monkeyed with the pyro should be ashamed of themselves, I mean it takes a real creepy little b@$t@*d to do something like that. Oh well, I guess that’s how some people roll.

One column down, hopefully many more to go if top men let me.

See ya in 7.


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