UFC 93: Liveblog

Welcome to our UFC 93 Liveblog. Your host for this evening will be Shawn Winfield.

Join us at 9:50pm ET for the start of our live coverage. And since the show was recorded live in Ireland, you might want to stay away from other sites, because they’ll probably have spoilers.

Hello everyone! We will be starting the night off with what promises to be a stand out war!

Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle

Round 1
Lytle brings the fight right away getting Davis on the cage, but Davis escapes easily back to the middle of the cage. Lytle is throwing huge bombs and Davis is countering nicely. Davis lands a nice counter on the chin which appears to briefly rock Lytle. Lytle is knocked to the mat via kick and Davis lives up to his promise and lets him right back up. Davis has landed a few knees. Lytle flurries to end the round.

Lytle’s aggression gives him the first round 10-9

Round 2

Again Lytle comes out swinging for the fences. Lytle is landing some devastating shots but Davis literally runs out of the position and we’re back to the middle of the cage. Davis lands some more great knees to the body of Lytle and they are starting to mark him up. Lytle is again landing some devastating bombs but Davis’s counter shots are also finding a home. They bang for another minute until the round is over.

Another tight round, but i’m giving it to Davis because of his dominating counter strikes.

Round 3
They open the round with a hug before continuing in the slugfest. Lytle changes stances to protect his ribs and its clear that they are hurting for certain. Despite Lytle’s slowed pace he still continues to push forward. This round is an absolutely brawl! Davis is starting to pull away during this round. The round ends with both men swinging for the fences some more.

Solid stand up brawl. I’d give the 3rd round to Marcus Davis 10-9 and therefore the fight 29-28

The judges score the bout 29-28 Davis (twice) and 29-28 Lytle for a Marcus Davis split decision win.

Denis Kang vs Alan Belcher
Round 1
Kang looks good early landing some nice shots on Belcher who is keeping his hands ridiculously low. Kang gets a takedown but ends up in Belcher’s guard. The guard gets passed and then back to guard a few times with few strikes landed by Kang. Kang finishes the round attempting a kimura but never is able to get Belcher is an over critical condition.

10-9 for Kang. He dominated Belcher

Round 2
Early in the round the fight again goes to the ground. They get back up and Kang lands some more strikes. After taking a couple kicks Kang attempts a takedown and gets caught in Belchers guillotine. Nighty night Kang.

Winner by guillotine: Adam Belcher

Rousimar Palhares vs Jeremy Horn

Palhares gets the fight down early and is able to dominate Horn. He is pounding away on Horn looks awful throughout the first round. Horn throws up a triangle and Palhares hilariously shrugs it off. Some more strikes land for Palhares for the last minute and a ½.

Definite 10-8 for Palhares, absolutely mangled Horn throughout the 1st round.

Round 2
The round starts with a massive slam from Palhares. This round starts much the same way the 1st round went with Palhares on Horn’s back pounding away. Horn somehow gets into Palhares’s ½ guard and HORN TAKES THE MOUNT! An arm triangle on Palhares and it’s a bad spot, but Palhares looks unphased. Palhares gets out of the mount and back to the feet we go! Palhares gets on top of Horn and waits out the round.

Great jiu-jitsu round. 10-9 for Palhares but it was pretty close.

Round 3
Like the 2nd round, the 3rd starts with an amazing suplex to Horn right over his head. Palhares for about the 5th time takes Horns back and begins to pound away. Palhares is noticeably more tired this round. Palhares gets into Horn’s guard and does absolutely nothing until there was about a minute left. The fight is stood up and Horn lands a nick head kick before getting taken down again to end the round.

Palhares wins this round as well and in my estimation the fight 30-26

All 3 judge’s score the bout 30-27 in favour of Palhares.

Mauricio Rua vs Mark Coleman
Round 1
Coleman comes in like a wild bull and takes Shogun down and starts to pound away. Coleman looks great early. Rua try’s for a leg lock but nothing comes out of it and we go back to the feet. Coleman gets taken down and Shogun gets in the guard. He lands a few shots but nothing of significance. Coleman is exhausted already about 3 minutes into the fight. Coleman is getting picked apart on the feet. Rogan and Goldberg think the fight is over but it continues with Coleman getting beating up pretty badly.

Shogun 10-9. Coleman looks doomed.

Round 2
Coleman breathing hard to start the round. Shogun lands some nice strikes early before getting slammed to the mat. Back to the feet we go and Coleman landing some jabs but is relatively out gunned. Coleman is miraculously staying in the fight with another takedown but can’t take advantage as he is too exhausted. Shogun locks in a shoulder lock to end the round.

Shogun 10-9, now both men are tired.

Round 3

Shogun clinches and lands some nice shots early. Grandpa Coleman shoots in and again gets Shogun down but just like before cannot take advantage as he is too exhausted. Coleman takes over the third round early. The ref stands the fighters up after an illegal knee (which wasn’t even near the head). Shogun starts landing clean punches and Coleman falls to the mat. The ref stops the fight.

Shogun Rua wins the fight late in the 3rd round by TKO

Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson
Round 1
Hendo is landing early but slips on a head kick. He gets in Franklin’s ½ guard and starts to pound away against the cage. The first 2 and a ½ minutes is all Hendo. We get back to the feet and Franklin begins to find a home for his midkick. Franklin is pushing the striking action before he gets caught by a uppercut. Along the way Franklin took an accidental headbutt and has a NASTY gash on his forehead.

Im gonna give it 10-9 to Henderson because of damage on the ground but Franklin landed some nice shots on the feet as well.

Round 2

Franklin starts the 2nd landing some nice strikes. Again he is catching Hendo with a nice mid-kick. They clinch against the fence and Hendo takes it to the ground. Hendo passes the guard but is forced back into it to end the round.

Henderson wins the 2nd round 10-9. Henderson looks pretty exhausted.

Round 3
Franklin comes out swinging but gets taken down early. Hendo is smothering Franklin but not doing much damage. We get back up and Franklin is dominating Hendo. They clinch on the cage and Franklin summons the power of Marco Ruas with some nice footstomps. 37 seconds left and Franklin gets caught with a nasty eye poke. The referee has no idea what to do and tells Franklin he only has 2 minutes to get back into it so he forces himself through the last little bit as they dance to end the round.

I’m gonna give this round to Franklin, however the fight still goes to Hendo 29-28

The judge’s score the bout: 29-28 Henderson (twice) and 30-27 Franklin to give Henderson the split decision victory.

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