ROH Review: Edison, New Jersey – 01.17.09

The show started with Brent Albright against Rhett Titus. This was an all right but fun match where Albright picked up the victor with a half nelson suplex. Titus got a few flurries of offense in but Albright basically wrecked him. Mediocre opener.

Delirious went up against The Necro Butcher, Damien Wayne, & Sean Denny in a Four Corner Survival match. Delirious picked up the win when he hit the Shadows Over Hell on Sean Denny. Denny was the worst of the group botching left and right, missing cues here and there, including tagging Necro but never, ever entering the match, even when Sinclair called him in. Damien Wayne remind me of Waylon Mercy without the hair.

Aries then came out and cut a typical interview about turning heel where he blamed the fans. It was pretty much akin to the Nigel heel turn in NYC except we were all too busy laughing at Aries’ ‘stache. He then states that he doesn’t want to waste his title opportunity on that night so Black comes out and takes. This brings out Jimmy to attack Black, only to have Jay Briscoe come out and start the next match.

Jay Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries is next. Average match that sees Briscoe get the win with a roll-up on Jacobs. Afterwards Jacobs spits his gum at Aries, so Aries picks it up and eats it and leaves.

Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong & Erik Stevens in a Lumberjack Strap Match came next. The Wolves pick up the victory when Edwards smacked a chair to Stevens skull. The straps were all real and the match was funny if unexciting.

Grizzly Redwood and Chris Escobar went to a no contest when Bison Smith came through the crowd and obliterated both.

Jerry Lynn went against Bryan Danielson next in an underwhelming match. Lynn/Black was better from the last Edison show. Lynn picks up the victory after a Cradle Piledriver.

Nigel McGuinness and Tyler Black for the world title was next. The match itself could have been a match of the year contender based on how much the audience believed that Black was picking up the belt but there were three stops to the match. First Nigel attempted to walk away but Dragon stopped him. Then Black landed badly to the outside and was carried away but came back. Finally there was a mass of run-ins towards the end with 10 people before the match ended in a time limit draw. Normally title matches go 60 minutes but Cary stopped the match 50 minutes in or so. The crowd hated it. I hated it. You should hate it. Don’t buy the DVD on principle.