RVD Radio Interview Highlights

James Caldwell has highlights of RVD’s interview on the Ministry of Slam radio show. He reiterates that he’s not coming back to WWE or going to TNA any time soon, as he was burned out from all of the time on the road. He’s also working on his RVD TV reality show (Eric Bischoff is involved with an attempt to distribute it via DVD) and a film inspired by “the Warriors”.

He also talked about his drug problems in the original ECW, being involved with Hulk Hogan’s CCW, drug testing in wrestling.

He also shared his reaction to “the Wrestler.” He said it was a good movie that he didn’t like and thinks that it spends too much time portraying the negative side of the business. All he could tell Darren Aronofsky about his thoughts on the movie was “Thanks for reducing my life’s dreams to a pile of rubbish.”

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