TNA Dublin House Show Reports

PWTorch reader Steve Cooney provided results from this weekend’s TNA house shows in Dublin, Ireland. Both shows sold out in 2,000 seat arenas, which Cooney considers a good job for a company with limited TV access in Ireland. On to the results:

January 16:

1. Alex Shelley defeated Eric Young and Doug Williams to retain the X-Division Title with the Sliced Bread #2.

2. The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde and ODB with a perfume to the eyes/roll up combo.

3. Sheik Abdul Bashir got his usual ethnic heat and then threw out an open challenge, which Samoa Joe answered by squashing him, finishing with the Muscle Buster. Cooney reports that he was really over.

4. Team 3D defeated Abyss and Matt Morgan in a Dublin Street Fight/#1 contender’s match for the Tag Titles with a 3D on Morgan. A beach ball was involved, as Ray used it to pummel Morgan, and Abyss failed to pop it.

Foley and Jarrett cut promos for the crowd. Foley got inadvertant heel heat for trying to get a cheap pop by mentioning County Cork (which is apparently like talking about Boston in New York). He brought the crowd back around eventually.

5. TNA Tag Champs Beer Money Inc. defeated Lethal and Creed to defend the tag titles. Earl Hebner was the ref, and apparently decided to act like Shane Sewell for a bit, putting a headlock on James Storm and helping Lethal double team him. Beer Money overcame that onslaught and won with a belt shot to Lethal.

6. Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles with the Angle Slam. Both guys were very over, and recieved dueling chants. Post match, Angle went for a beat down on Styles and then Mick Foley, but Jarrett made the save. Foley then booked Jarrett vs. Angle for the next night.

January 17:

1. Eric Young won an X-Division Four Way over Bashir, Creed, and Williams. Unlike the previous night, Young was over here.

2. ODB and Taylor Wilde defeated the Beautiful People, avenging their loss from the night before, with an alcoholic mist assisted roll up.

3. Alex Shelley defeated Jay Lethal with a frog splash. Both guys were really over and got dueling chants. Post match, they went all ROH and shook hands, and recieved a great ovation for it.

4. AJ and Joe defeated Morgan and Abyss with an AJ Spiral Tap. Post match, Abyss and Morgan brawled, and when Morgan left, Abyss was cheered.

5. Beer Money defeated Team 3D to retain the Tag Titles with a belt shot on Ray. 3D were very over. Post match, Beer Money tried to put 3D through a table, but Storm wound up eating 3D through it instead. The crowd chanted “ECW, ECW, ECW” but Ray redirected them to chant “TNA, TNA, TNA” instead.

6. Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle with El Kabong. Foley was the guest enforcer and got involved, giving Angle Mr. Socko. Matt Morgan helped Angle to the back post match.

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