Tommy Dreamer’s Road Diary

Tommy Dreamer has a “week in the life” blog at his WWE Universe blog, where he talks about his hectic travel schedule, which included dealing with a bout of salmonella poisoning:

Yes I can’t be the person who wins the lottery. I get to be one of the lucky people to have eaten tainted peanut butter. Check out of hospital at 10:00pm. I get up at 8:00 am to pack and get on my flight to Milwaukee, WI and then do my 80 mile drive to Oshkosh,WI, to do my four days of wrestling, After that show I drive 160 miles to LaCrosse,WI to spend the night in LaCrosse.

So, yes, 24 hours after a hospital stay, Dreamer was on his way to work house shows over the weekend.

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