Who Was the Most Likeable Castaway on Survivor: Gabon?

Here’s the list of who my favorite survivors were this season. Some I really loved and thought would be perfect for a second all-stars, and some I hated as much as Johnny Fairplay. So, who was the best Survivor castaway this season, and the worst?

18. Kenny

There’s really nothing good that I can say about Kenny. At first, I viewed him as an underdog type. But once I got to know him more, I learned that he was a backstabbing, lying, and had no humility. His attempted backstab at Bob was one of the worst things that I have ever seen on Survivor. The thing that angered me the most about him was that he acted like Bob was the villain when he didn’t give him the immunity necklace. Him being a  a proffessional videogamer, I’ll say that he is like an anorexic version of Wario.

17. Corinne

I never had anything against Corinne while she was still in the game. Her comment to Sugar at the finally was just cold hearted. Too bad Survivor wasn’t in Antartica this season, because that is the land she rules over. I have my suspicions if Corinne really is this mean. I think she may have just been scared looking like a drone on national television, and the only way that she could be different was too be mean.

16. Gillian

 All we knew about Gillian was that she was a good lady, but very, very annoying. Her constant come on guys! you can do it! Got on my nerves, and apparently it didn’t even do what it was intended to. Her teammates voted her off quickly, proving that doing your best just isn’t good enough if you’re not good at the task. Gillian was the mom at the basketball game that keeps shouting compliments out to her kids, but usually just ends up embarrassing them.

15. Michelle

All we learned about Michelle was that she was whiner.

14. GC

 It wasn’t until GC gave up on the game that I was able to make up my mind about him. GC just didn’t have any works ethic at all. He was one of the more athletic people out there, as he showed us when he finished near the top on the hill race at the beginning. I hope that GC is the last person that gives up on Survivor.

13. Ace

Though I didn’t like Ace, I believe that he got too much hate. The only thing that was wrong with him was that he was really, really cocky. Ace is like Kristen Wiig’s infamous SNL character, Penelope; but just to a lesser degree. We never had any reason to believe that he would turn on Sugar, which shows that he was somewhat honest.

12. Crystal

I liked Crystal during the beginning because she was an Olympic gold medalist. But as the show continued, I found myself disliking her more. She showed that she was mentally unstable and was Kenny’s right hand woman. Plus, was sucking at the challenges part of her plan because she showed no athletic ability in the game. Her backstab of Marcus was because of stupidity. When he said to vote out Kenny, she could’ve just told him to vote out Susie and everything could’ve been ok.

11. Paloma

Paloma walked around some, then got voted out. There was no reason to hate or like her.

10. Kelly

Kelly and Jacquie were just too similar to separate from one another. I never even knew there were two different girls until one of them got voted off. The reason she is ranked lower than Jacquie is because J seemed like a harder worker than Kelly.

9. Jacquie

See Kelly’s entry.

8. Dan

I never had a reason to dislike or like Dan until the episode that he got voted off.  It was fun to watch him suck up to the other tribe so that they wouldn’t vote him off. Still, I was a littly happy that he was the one that got voted out because there were more likeable people that could’ve gotten the boot if he didn’t go.

7. Susie

Susie was a pretty nice person. She did a good job of playing the under the radar game. In fact, she was so under the radar that it was like she was wearing an invisibilty cloak. There was a good laugh when Sugar and Bob had there really dramatic talk about Kenny blindsiding him, and then Bob asks Sugar where Susie stands and she has no idea. 

6. Marcus

Marcus was a pretty cool guy, but we never truly got to know him. And that was his problem. He came off as Mr. Perfect, and that got too annoying. I felt like the show was trying to make me root for him so it would be so sad when he got eliminated. Marcus was likeable,  but was no Colby.

5. Charlie

Charlie was fun to watch for the very, very few minutes that he was on. He had that outgoing lovable gay guy personality, making him on of the more interesting players.

4. Sugar

I always disliked Sugar until she told Bob about the blindside. This was one of the most honest things I have ever seen in the game. Before she did that, it annoyed me that she just drifted in the middle and never making too strong of an alliance.

3. Matty

What I liked about Matty was that he was the athletic guy that didn’t come off as Mr. Perfect. He was kind of weird, and that level of characterization ranks him in the third spot.

2. Randy

Randy is hands down, one of the most interesting people to ever play the game of Survivor. You could never know what he was going to do next. He was also one of the most honest people to play the game. He didn’t have a problem with saying he didn’t like you, and he couldn’t care less about what you thought of him. Randy also wasn’t a complete jerk, as he has a strong connection with dogs. Randy’s motto of “If you get me, then you like me, and if you don’t, then you hate me” is true. I got Randy, and that’s why he is in the second place spot.

1. Bob

I have my suspicions that Bob is a robot. There is no way that a human body that frail could do so good athletically. Bob was the closest person this season to a caretaker as he was the one that knew the most about buiding shelters. His building of the fake immunity idol was one of the most clever things that I have seen on the show.  This was one of the few times that the person that I liked the most actually won.