WWE News: Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool, J.R. Blog About Victoria’s Retirement

Trish Stratus has thoughts about Victoria’s retirement, and how it means the end of an era for the Divas, at her WWE Universe blog. She talks about the strides the Divas made over the years and puts over Fit Finlay (who was apparently assigned working with the Divas as a rib) for helping them improve.

Victoria’s last opponent, Michelle McCool, also has a post about her retirement. It’s split between a tribute to Victoria and something more in line with her heel character, as she runs down Maryse.

J.R. also commented on Victoria’s retirement (and the lack of promotion of it) on his blog over the weekend:

I wish the WWE had a better opportunity to acknowledge Victoria wrestling her last match with the company this past Friday night on Smackdown. I had no clue that Victoria was having her last match until I arrived in Omaha the day of the event. Victoria has been one of the hardest working women in show business and worked diligently to perfect her in ring skills. I hope all the younger 8X10 type Divas will work as diligently as Victoria in learning their craft.

J.R. also wishes Kevin Nash well as he recovers from his 27th (!) surgery and talks about the possibility of Flair inducting Stone Cold in to the Hall of Fame (he likens it to Babe Ruth inducting Mickey Mantle to the baseball hall of fame). Oh, and he gets in a great burn on Jerry Lawler:

Kelly-Kelly just turned 22 which means in wrestle-speak that she is potentially on The King’s radar for only 3 more years.

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